'Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu new animation' - New Scans stars

haruhi 2Canned Dogs has a bevy of scans of the new Haruhi project from the latest Newtype. Apparently, Haruhi's return should not be considered a 2nd season in the traditional sense. Titled “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu new animation”, the new series will be just that: a completely new series. Hoping not to retread on the same ol' same ol' Haruhi, the production team wanted to do a complete refresh on the Haruhi concept and story, that of which at this time they're still trying to figure out.
Oooh, Haruhi with long hair. 

Negima! Returns For Another Go; New OVA Preview stars


I have to be honest, I gave up on the Negima! manga after volume 9 (If my memory serves me right). To that end I never got around to the anime and I felt no urge to, especially after hearing not-so-good things about it. The second time around, studio SHAFT was given the reigns of the anime series after the first season -- produced by studio XEBEC -- failed to satisfy fans. Ultimately, SHAFT failed to raise eyebrows (mine included). Were Negima fans doomed to subpar anime adaptations of their favorite manga? 

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Disgaea Artist Takehito Harada @ Anime Expo stars

 In a newsletter sent out by NIS America on Friday May 30, character designer Takehito Harada will be coming to Anime Expo this year held at the L.A. Convention Center from July 3rd, to July 6th! Harada is most famous for his work on designing the characters from the hit tactical RPG series Disgaea. Harada will also be holding an autograph session most likely in our guess at NIS America's booth #311 in South Exit Hall. I'll take a stab at guessing that there probably will be a raffle ticketed sketch session. Definitely "Love Freak" Flonne for me if I get lucky. Anyone care to name their favorite character?
 Offficial statement from NIS America after the jump.


U.S. Death Note Remake in the Works stars

death note usDeath Note is coming to Hollywood! Vertigo Entertainment USA (of no relation to Vertigo Comics or Vertigo Films), the production house behind remakes such as The Departed, The Grudge, and most recently Shutter, is helming a U.S. remake of the popular Death Note franchise. Hopefully Ryuk's love of apples won't be lost on the trip to Hollywood.

Batman Gotham Knight to be shown at Anime Expo stars

gotham knight axIt looks like Batman is set to take over both anime and the silver screen this summer. AX announced in a press release today that Batman Gotham Knight will be shown at the con two days before it is released on dvd. Set for release on July 8th on dvd and Blu Ray, Batman Gotham Knight is an anthology of six anime short films set between the events of Batman Begins and this summers' The Dark Knight. Produced by Studio 4ºC, Production I.G. and Madhouse, each short has its own artistic style and writing.
I'm a self-professed Batman junkie so his appearance at AX is great news. Batman + anime = something quite wondrous. The full press release can be found after the jump. (Click "Read more")

ADV Getting Back Into Gear with Manga Releases After Long Hiatus stars

yotsuba advI don't know whether to applaud ADV Manga for getting their release schedule back on track or to lambast them for depriving me of my precious Yotsuba&! for so long. See, Yotsuba&! Vol. 6 was originally slated for release this past February, but was never published after volume 5 saw release in October of last year. Granted, it's only been about 7 months since volume 5 was released so I shouldn't complai...HEY! What am I saying? That's much too long to wait for a single volume of manga. However, I am nonetheless glad to see the release train possibly rolling again for titles such as Cromartie High School, Gunslinger Girl, and of course Yotsuba&!. ADV's Chris Oarr gives Ain't It Cool News the full lowdown , explaining, among other things, that ADV Manga still exists.
ADV: Manga Still Coming [Anime News Network] 

[Eye Up] 1/8 scale Gurren Lagann Figures!!! stars


Yes I know, we haven't done any figure news in ages, but I couldn't let this slip by. Eye Up, formerly a figure producer and contractor, announced they would be starting their own figure line. Their first figures shown were a 1/8 scale Kamina with detachable glasses and cape, and a 1/8 scale Yoko with what a appears to be bullet accesories and a detachable Boota from her bosom. Eye Up has recently posted pictures of a their next products, including Simon riding the Lagann! They will also be making various keychain items you can hang off your phone such as one of Boota , and of Darry's stuffed animal. Their last figure annouced appears to be Darry wearing her pilot suit. You can bet that we will be reviewing the full set of figures. Kamina will be released in August 2008 for 8,190 yen, while Yoko will be released a month later in September for the same price.  

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