PAX West 2016 Impressions: Pit People

PAX West 2016 Impressions: Pit People

During PAX west we stopped in with our friends at The Behemoth, the same people who brought us Castle Crashers and got to play their new title, Pit People, an upcoming turn-based strategy game. Pit People takes a spin on what we have seen in other typical turn-based games with some unique changes that makes it stand out from the rest.

Pit People is a turn-based strategy role-playing game with unique artwork that once you start playing, it’s really hard to stop. The artwork and cut scenes have a unique cartoon feel to them but don’t let that fool you as there are plenty of dark humor and intense battle scenes! Add to that, the narration is hilarious leaving me laughing nonstop during the short demo. The game is a co-op strategy game after all, so it is best to play with a friend and devise a plan of attack (up to 4 players for 2v2 matches). Solo-player? No problem! Just jump into the game in single player mode and come up with a plan on the fly. After you win, you gain EXP to level and currency for character upgrades. One additional thing we noticed was you can change your character’s role (range, healer, tank etc). So as you continue playing, you can recruit new players by capturing them with nets thus making your party stronger. This adds a strategy element to the game, making you think ahead before you decide to speed run thru the game. Enjoy competition? There is a PvP feature called “The Arena” where you can play ranked matches weekly with a reward at the end of each week.


Overall this game is one of those games that you might see and say no thanks, but once you sit down and start playing, I’m sure you’ll be playing for a while. I really enjoyed the narration of the game and the banter between the narrator and the character at first, but it got a bit bland as it went on. To me, this game is one of those games where I can just sit down and play for a bit before going to bed. Currently, there is no solid release date for Pit People yet, but it will be made available for Xbox one and Windows 10 (via Steam).


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