Review: Ultimate Madoka (Good Smile Company) Figure

Review: Ultimate Madoka (Good Smile Company) Figure

Originally scheduled to be released in November 2012, this lovely Good Smile Company 1/8th scaled Ultimate Madoka PVC figure was finally given the green light late into December. If you were one of the lucky individuals who got a hold of one, or dare I say two, around that time, it surely was a great way to ring in the New Year. But for those, including myself, who had to wait a little longer through the days of 2013 for the goddess to grace our sanctuary, I can honestly say that it did not disappoint.

 If it has not become apparent, this figure is modeled after the character Madoka Kaname in her transformation god (or should I say goddess) form from the popular anime series Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. To say the least, I was blown away by the entire presentation of the figure, ranging from the packaging to the fine details of the sculpture.

What immediately caught my attention was the size of the box. Despite being a 1/8th scaled figure, the profoundly decorated carton that it came in was enormous. Of course, this had been well documented for some time, but I was taken aback to see the box stand before me in person. This is in contrast to how some people, particularly those living overseas, may feel about the massively packaged product and its relationship to high shipping costs. Consequently, it may have deterred people from making the purchase, which may account for anime-figure-selling websites such as hobbysearch and amiami to still have Ultimate Madoka in stock. EMS shipping, at least in my case, came to approximately forty U.S. dollars. However, if you were willing to cough up the money (a few payed up to 300 U.S. dollars for the figure at a recent anime convention) or you simply did not care about the price and just had to have it, then let me say this: you, my friend, made a wise choice. I proclaimed the figure was lovely but that doesn't begin to describe it.

The composition of the figure really captures the character from the series in more ways than one. For starters, the pose is very dynamic. With an arrow nocked and a determined and confident facial expression, Madokami, as some have coined the character, is poised to strike down any malignant entity with one of two God-latent bows included with the figure. Her elegance is further enhanced as she is positioned soaring in the cosmos with her translucent wings gently spread. Her long hair remains afloat in a lively manner, flowing in various directions in response to the energy of her demeanor. The sculptor has breathed life into her gown as each layer of ruffles ripples in space.

figure-review ultimate-madoka2

Further traits of the figure include the outer space ambience prevalent within the gown and on the circular base. Both imprints amplify the character by giving it a mystical feel. Additionally, the circular base is inscribed with magical symbols - the very ones that appear in the anime when Ultimate Madoka fires an arrow of sheer, supernatural force. The pedestal, which is a part of the figure and attaches to the circular base, has also been given a numinous, outer space coating and blends in rather well with the contour of the gown.

Sculpture Hiroshi (Sakura Zensen) has done an amazing job on molding intricate shapes throughout the figure, especially the outer edges of the apparel, giving it believable context. Take also, for example, the white surface texture that embellishes the dress. Although colors are compelling in that they may reflect character qualities, to have one so prevalent and uniform throughout the robe may cause some people to consider the overall design plain and boring. Fortunately, Hiroshi went out of his way to incorporate the tenderness of white coloration with a sculpting scheme that not only added contrast via an unimaginable number of creases, but also, in the process, fabricated a very animated gown. The same can be said about the pink hair. The soft color portrays gracefulness, yet the hair is subjected to a state of high spirit due to its elaborate arrangement. The beauty of it all, then, is how each piece of the figure manages to work cohesively with one another to create the ultimate presentation. Yes, pun intended.

Whether you are a cultist of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica or just a casual fan of the series, you cannot go wrong with the 1/8th scaled Ultimate Madoka PVC figure from GoodSmile Company. Not only does it encapsulate the nature of the character, but it also reflects what I look for in figures that are confined to a single pose. In its stationary position, I get the impression that the figure is alive and reaching out to me. As such, the life that has been embodied in the inanimate object generates an authentic, breath-taken reaction from me that's just as strong as the raw emotions one might experience with another form of art. I absolutely feel this way about the figure despite Madoka Kaname having transcended beyond existence. At least now, with something so physically magnificent of her in possession, she will reverberate even more in my hopes and onward declarations of, "oh my Godaka".

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