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Little Witch Academia backers are rejoicing around the world as Studio Trigger in partnership with Goodsmile Company has started shipping out backer rewards. While some of you are waiting for your packages or are curious what the final contents are, let's take a very brief look at some of the goodies from the highest tiers of the Kickstarter and see if Trigger delivered on their promises.

Desk Mat

IMG 1390

First up, we have the desk mat. Measuring 25 1/2 x 8 3/4 inches, the desk mat is printed with what looks to be an Ouija Board stylized after the series. I am assuming the board may have made an appearance somewhere in the series and if any readers would like to remind me, please do. The desk mat could also be used as a play card mat for games such as Weiss Schwarz, Vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or Magic.


IMG 1394

A neat little metal bookmark with some heft to it and feels well made. 


IMG 1392

A light blue shirt with Akko on the front and a list of names the Kickstarter backers on the back. From the responses I am seeing online it seems XL is the default size sent out.

Blu-ray Disc

IMG 1393

The Blu-ray Disc itself with included soundtrack and what appears to be autographed by Director Yoh Yoshinari. I am really digging the pencil style of the cover which makes it feel a like a one of a kind item. Understandably some backers are disappointed when compared to the fully packaged Limited Edition Theater Edition in Japan. We are also a little confused as the Kickstarter had noted their would be a standard and limited edition Blu-ray version; however, based on the responses online it appears everyone received the same copy. The Blu-ray also comes with a Making Of feature; however, it appears to be missing the promised audio commentary promised from the $500,000 stretch goal.

The Script

IMG 1399 IMG 1401

The script for the voice cast with our copy numbered 42 on the front cover. On the back of the book has the autographs from the cast. Although we met Megumi Han a few years back, many of our staff including myself didn't get a chance for an autograph. Definitely one of the more collectible items!

The Artbook

IMG 1395

The first wave of backers who received their reward package had the artbook missing and Trigger is currently working to rectify the issue. This is probably one of the bigger disappointments from the reactions of backers online. The artbook is only a collection of the backgrounds. While we have a strong appreciation of the time and effort put into the backgrounds, we definitely would have expected an artbook to include concept or design art. From the FAQ section on the Kickstarter:

LWA Artbook

Key Animation Book

IMG 1402

A small collection of the uncolored key frames or genga from the the series. 


IMG 1396

The original Kickstarter had promised a film reel cut which apparently was later replaced with a douga instead in an update. Here we have Akko hugging onto Sucy in joy towards the end of the show. 


IMG 1397

The giclee print is of original promotion art released for the title and measures approximately 10 3/4 x 8 3/4 and printed on canvas paper. The color of the print is probably what stands out the most making the image appear as if it pops out. While I enjoy the print, what I was more impressed with was our next item.


IMG 1398
Probably one of our favorite items, the print itself is absolutely amazing and truly captures the charm and wonder that is Little Witch Academia. Fans may recognize the drawing from the original Little Witch Academia artbook. 


IMG 1406
For the hardcore fans, a sketch of Akko by Yoh Yoshinari the Director. It's interesting to see her holding a broom as viewers will remember Akko is terrible at riding a broom. While we are really digging the sketch with the clean lines and hair details, our resident collectors were slightly disappointed. In a previous comment, a Trigger representative had answered a fan question that the sketches would be in color. Given, though with the simplicity of the character designs we would have hoped for a full colored sketch. Regardless, an excellent piece we will treasure and frame and hang it in the office!

To summarize, here is what we received:

Blu-ray Disc with OST
Autographed Script
Key Animation Book
Giclee Canva Print
Autographed Shikishi Sketch
A thank you note printed on black bristol paper

Here is an item that were either mentioned or promised that were excluded (not including the missing items we've already mentioned above):

Metal Badge

Not a real deal breaker as the item was never explicitly stated on the actual rewards tier; however, it was mentioned in the FAQs:

LWA Badge

So in the end, I am fairly satisfied with the rewards. Given, Trigger is still working out shipping logistics as well as delivering missing artbooks. The question now also includes how Trigger plans to address the missing commentary track from the Blu-ray.

Were you a backer or Little Witch Academia? What did you think of the rewards? We would love to hear your feedback and show us what douga you received in the comments!

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