Yuki Takano Interview

Yuki Takano Interview

Amongst some of the all star artists and character designers that MangaGamer brought to Anime Expo 2010 who were available to accept commissions on sketches, there were a few lesser known illustrators to the American public including Yuki Takano, a relatively new artist working for the popular visual novel company, CIRCUS.

T-ONO: Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Takano: My name is Takano Yuki and I work as an illustrator for CIRCUS.


T-ONO: How did you get started with CIRCUS?

Takano: I started illustrating for CIRCUS about 3-4 years ago. I love to play galges (bishōjo games) and Suika, a galge produced by CIRCUS, was one of my favorite games! That particularly made me want to work for CIRCUS.


T-ONO: Did you go through a basic interview or did you know a friend from the company when you applied? What was the process of getting into the company?

Takano: There was no official relationship with CIRCUS. I simply applied to work at CIRCUS because I love to draw galge and the games they produced. At that time, CIRCUS was producing a style that I liked: sad, love stories.


T-ONO: You mentioned you like to play galge, but what about creating galge do you find attractive or enjoyable?

Takano: When making games, the scenario writer gives us a detailed description of the story. I will use that description along with my imagination to create the scene with the best angle. The most enjoyable part of galge is that I can use my imagination, which makes it more interesting.


T-ONO: Out of the games you worked on, what particular character that you designed are you most proud of?

Takano: My most favorite character is the main heroine, Hakuoen Ayaka, from Princess Party because this was my first time working on a game as the main character illustrator. The character is very fashionable and her expression change every time, which was very interesting for me to draw.


T-ONO: For first time players such as Americans, do you have any recommendations who have never played galges before?

Takano: I would recommend Dies Aries. It is an action bishojo game that integrates battles and the characters are really cool!


T-ONO: What was your reaction seeing American fans coming up to you?

Takano: This is my first time coming to America, but I was surprised that there weren’t many people coming to see my drawings. In the future, I want to make a lot of games to have the American people see my illustrations!


T-ONO: Can we expect to see any of your games released in English?

Takano: I am currently working on Uni. It is a visual novel created for all-ages. I believe this game will be translated into English and I hope that a lot of people will play this game. The game will come out in Japan on September 2010.


T-ONO: Thank you for the interview, we wish you the best.

Takano: Thank you!


Thumbnail imageSketches by Yuki Takano at Anime Expo 2010. (Commissioned orders by fans)

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