Nintendo 3DS Price and Release Date

Nintendo's 3DS has a release date and price point for Japanese Nintendo fans. The system will sell at 25,000 yen, or about $300, and will be released on February 26. The 3DS will be available in aqua blue and cosmos black. Fans will be happy to hear that the entire DS library will be compatible with the new system. The system will be bundled with everything players need to get started on their 3D adventure.

The system is bundled with a two gigabyte SD card for downloads and saves, an AC Adapter, a 3DS exclusive charging stand, and an exclusive touch pen. The system itself weighs 230g and features three 0.3 megapixel cameras. One is placed inside near the top screen, while the other two are placed on the outside. The 3DS cameras will be able to take full 3D pictures, a first for any handheld gaming device.

The 3DS offers an interesting feature during sleep mode. Once in sleep mode, the system will search for internet access points and download game data, free games, and videos automatically. The system will also exchange data with other 3DS system while under sleep mode.

There is still no word on an official line-up for the system, but many videos and screenshots have been shown, including two new Biohazard games, a Metal Gear remake, and a new Mario Kart. It looks as if Nintendo will have an exciting year of gaming.

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