Yuu Asakawa Interview @ AOD 2016

Yuu Asakawa Interview @ AOD 2016

Yuu Asakawa is a seasoned veteran who has played in various legendary titles including Love Hina as Motoko Aoyama, Azumanga Daioh as Sakaki, Fate/stay night as Rider, Akame ga Kill! as Leone and we cannot forget she also voiced as Megurine Luka from Vocaloid. What sets her apart from other voice actresses is her embracing the English language which allows her to interact with her English speaking fans. Although we missed her at Anime Expo back in 2010, we were lucky enough sit down with her at Anime on Display and chat a little about her freelance voice acting work.

Probably the first question you might ask is regarding her outfit. Asakawa-san was wearing a Doctor Who inspired 'kimono' dress which she received as a gift from a fan who had saw she mentioned it on her Twitter account. She noted the difficulty of importing goods from overseas into Japan and was overjoyed and thankful to her fan.

Asakawa-san started an English Twitter account, @Julia320, back in 2010 in anticipation for her first American appearance at Anime Expo. When preparing for the interview, we had a hard time finding a definitive answer why she chose the name online so we decided to ask. 

Regarding Twitter, some of Asakawa-san's favorite moments using Twitter is to interact with other guests and fans before a convention and is really happy to meet them for the first time in person. 

Asakawa-san has spent most of her career with a talent agency, which is typical of most voice actors in Japan; however, in 2014 she went freelance.

Regarding current or future projects, many fans are aware she is the voice of Type-Moon’s original Rider from the Fate series and reprised her role, as well as several new characters, in the recent mobile cellphone game, Fate/Grand Order. While she couldn’t go into details, she hinted of her continued and future involvement with the title. Possibly new characters or scenarios?

Asakawa-san also expressed interests in working on English titles being one of the few seiyuus who can speak English. She is a huge fan of Resident Evil and would love to be able to voice a character from the series in English and Japanese one day.

On the topic of Resident Evil's Leon Kennedy and zombies, as our final question, we had to ask her one of the hardest questions she has ever had to answer to date!

Asakawa-san hopes to be able to meet more of her fans in future so please follow her on Twitter! Don't forget to check out a few additional photos we snapped up below.

Interview questions by Ken Dubois, Salvador Mateos
Photos by Brian Lee

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