The Sexy, Sultry momoMc @ AX Night Cafe

The Sexy, Sultry momoMc @ AX Night Cafe

A recent trend that has been popular with most conventions are after dark events; shows and exhibits catering to the older, and more mature con-attendees. These events are for the 18 or 21+ and are strictly enforced by the staff, so parents and guardians should not have to worry about their little ones stumbling into any of these events after curfew. This year Anime Expo invited world-famous Japanese artistic pole dancer, momoMc (pronounced Mo-Mo-Mac) to perform at the AX Night Cafe.

Over the course of AX, momoMc held several sessions at the Night Cafe. During her shows, momoMc performed in a variety of costumes ranging from exotic geisha, Lum (from Urusei Yatsura), and Rei Ayanami (from Evangelion). Each Night Cafe ticket included a drink ticket but additional drinks could be purchased at the decked out bar at the venue as well. The room was dimly lit with the atmosphere of a nightclub . To one side of the room was the bar area where attendees could get drinks. In the center of the room were coffee tables with seats where attendees could relax and mingle before the show began. Once the show began the MC came on stage and welcomed everyone for coming. She taunted and teased and even talked down to the crowd but they loved it and cheered her on.

momo 1

After a small introduction she called the first performer on stage, Red Snapper. Dressed as Sailor Jupiter, Red Snapper dominated the stage and took the crowd’s breath away. At one point, she joined the crowd, engaging with everyone. Soon after, the MC returned to the stage to play a game of truth or dare where the winners in the audience could win drink tickets. After the game it was time for momoMc to take the stage. She came out dressed as a geisha and the crowd cheered her on, the song began to play and her performance began. The choreography of the dance was sexy but tasteful, and not lewd like some would expect when it comes to exotic performers. As she climbed to the top of the pole, the crowd tension rose, and everyone gasped in amazement with non-stop rounds of applause.

momo 3

On her last day of AX I attended the last show where she performed as Rei Ayanami from Evangelion and this time, she joined the crowd in mid performance to take a photograph with everyone. At the end of her show she bowed to the audience and blew kisses while the crowd responded enthusiastically. Events like these showcase how AX atendees have also matured along with the convention and is ready to participate in cultural events that are adult-oriented and at the same time, tasteful. It was apparent that the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show and as for myself, I am glad to have attend this special opportunity more than just once.

momoMc has been doing this for five years professionally and she practices over 3 hours daily. She has performed all around the globe sharing the art of burlesque and pole dancing with the world. Follow her on facebook at “MomoMcももまっく Hiromi McFaddin” or check out her twitter @momomc696.


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