Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Launch Party @ Anime Expo 2016

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Launch Party @ Anime Expo 2016

On Saturday July 2nd Square Enix had the Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness launch party at Anime Expo 2016. The event took place at lounge 21 and you had to be 21+ to attend. The line for this event was long but didn’t take long to get inside.

 Once we got inside we noticed that there were Playstation 4’s set up along one side of the room. In the rear of the room was where the bar section was and they had a special drink for the event. Up front was the main stage and in the middle were seats with coffee tables where attendees would sit and gather while others ordered their drinks. Also there was a red couch which was for the VIP guest that would be coming out soon. Before the show started people were encouraged to take pictures with the cosplayers to obtain a ticket and after redeem it for a t-shirt or a poster.

In the back was a photo booth at which you would be able to take a picture with your friends or by yourself and then choose the background. After you could share it on social media or send it to your email. After hanging out with fans of the game the MC came on stage and began the Q&A with Producer Kobayashi, character designer Akiman, and director Ogawa. Fans were asked to ask questions and once they answered the fan would receive a lithograph of the game. Some of the questions ranged from what each person's favorite character was to which Star Ocean game was their favorite.

Star Ocean Party 2Star Ocean Party 3

They kept answering the questions of fans and then said bye but to keep enjoying the party. After a short intermission it was time for the voice actors to get on stage and answer questions from fans. They had a fun time answering the questions and the fans had a great time laughing with them. Shortly after they said bye to the fans but the party kept going. The party kept going for a few more minutes but soon the lights went on and the MC thanked everyone for coming and the launch party was over.

Star Ocean Party 1

Photos by Star Ocean Twitter 

It was a great event to attend and talk to others that love Star Ocean games and play it while having a drink. Overall Square Enix threw another great event and the fans loved it.

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