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Visual Novel

Steins;Gate (PC) Visual Novel Review stars

Let me start off this review by being honest. When the Steins;Gate anime was originally simulcasted back in 2011 I decided to drop the series, despite being thoroughly entertained, as I knew that the original twenty-four episode adaptation would miss that "special something" as with most novel-to-screen adaptations. I consciously decided to gamble and pray that JAST USA would eventually localize the Steins;Gate visual novel since there were a cornucopia of rumors swirling around the game's potential localization on the Internet. So thus began my long four-year waiting period for the much-anticipated release of the visual novel and in 2014 my hopes were finally answered. After playing through the fifty-hour plus visual novel and watching the follow-up OVA and film I can truly call Steins; Gate for what it is: an epic time travel masterpiece.

Little Busters! (PC) Review stars

What's your biggest regret? That's the central theme to Key's 2008 visual novel Little Busters! where a group of friends tries to overcome their dark past by wondering about the infinite possibilities of the future. The series centers around a group of high school students, as with the rest of the company's endeavors, who form a circle of friends known as Little Busters, and they experience the joys, pains, and surprises of everyday life. From playing baseball to all of the awkward social interactions that come with growing up in an imperfect society, Little Busters! perfectly articulates what it means to be human and retaining your precious memories.

My Girlfriend is the President (PC) Review stars

What do you get when you mix aliens, earth, brainwashing, hot girls, comedy and a panda? Well, you get My Girlfriend is The President that’s what! It was animated by Alcot and translated for all to enjoy by JAST USA.