Kick-Ass Wondercon Screening Impressions

Kick-Ass, for those of you who don't know, is a film based on a British comic book of the same name. How does this apply to The-O Network Online? Well, I saw it as part of a screening on Saturday April 3rd, the second day of Wondercon, a full two weeks before the U.S. release. It's a tad late, but here we go!

First off the only reason I got in to the screening, the VIP section at least, is because I was with my small, asian, wonderfully cute girlfriend. Apparently, she fit the role for the types of people they wanted to take reaction videos of straight after the film. Since I was with the press, I wasn't allowed to do the video. But hey, now I get to talk about it!

They sat the VIP's first, and let the general audience in afterwords. Everyone had to give up their electronics or suffer the wrath of very angry security people in business suits. After some longwinded "entertainment" from a local radio DJ, they let in four actors from the movie: Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass himself), Clark Duke (Marty, one of Kick-Ass's school friends), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Chris D'Amico, Red Mist), and Chloe Moretz (Hit Girl). They literally said a few hello's, endured some rabid cheering, and strolled away.

The movie started and...well, it was awesome. Maybe I was under the influence of adrenaline, but frankly I couldn't have enjoyed the movie more. What I loved about Kick-Ass is the fact that it provides a somewhat realistic take on superheroes. Excuse the physics and a few legal issues, but the psychological aspect of how the people became superheroes makes perfect sense. In a way, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy where comic books are the main motivator for "real" superheroes.

It's not exactly a shiny picture either. I'm extremely guilty of wondering what it would be like to be that one guy who got crazy enough to make a costume and beat up criminals, and then I saw Kick-Ass get stabbed, run over, and suffer nerve damage. First through in my mind? I have NO health insurance. Sorry criminals, you're safe for another day...

The movie was heavy on ridiculousness and action. Throw in some great pounding music and it becomes a real treat for connoisseurs of kick-assery.

The ending made it clear that there would probably be a sequel, and I'm definitely all for it. To anyone who loves to see great action and decently intelligent films, I'd recommend you get up right now and nab a ticket.


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