E3 The Agency Impressions

At the Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) booth, we were able to get some hands-on experience on the game, The Agency. The game is aimed to be a massive multiplayer online shooter with a touch of role-playing mashed together. Exclusively on the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows, SOE is aiming to be the first to change the way online shooters are played. Will this game be a hit for the PlayStation 3 or just another first person shooting game? Continue reading for more information about the game.

The Agency was available for testing only in player versus player (PvP) combat. Players will be easily able to jump into the game without any problems because the controls are very similar to Modern Warfare and other franchises. There are different classes a player can choose from that have specialized weapons such as a suppressor, assault, recon, and many more. We were able to try out a recon class that wielded a sniper rifle, sub-machine gun (SMG), and a pistol. The recon class was simply a support class that snipes enemies from far distances and uses SMG or pistol for up-close combat if neccessary. With limited amount of time on the game, we weren’t able to try the other classes, but the representative mentioned that classes can be changed simultaneously throughout the game altering the experience.

With different classes, come different skills. Each class will have their own unique abilities that can determine the success of the player. Recon’s unique ability called, oracle vision, reveals the locations of all enemies on screen to the entire team. The skill was so useful that it felt like most players will play recon class specifically for its unique ability; however, the representative said that other classes will have abilities that will neglect the oracle vision balancing out class selections.

Similar to Battlefield 2, players do not instantly die when your health reaches zero. A teammate can revive players in the battlefield simply by running or teleporting to them using abilities. When a teammate is revived, they have a couple of seconds of invulnerability to take cover. Although players can revive teammates, they only have a small window of opportunity to do so. When the health reaches zero, a timer illustrates the amount of time a teammate has to revive is displayed until they die and forced to wait to respawn. A nice concept in the game is that when someone is killed by a headshot, the player will die instantly without the revival option to imitate real-life situations.

The Agency seems very promising on becoming the next big hit FPS game, but with the amount of game play footage shown, the game is a bit secretive. The game is still currently under development by Sony Online Entertainment Seattle and will be published by Sony Online Entertainment. With no word on the exact release date, the game is expected to be out sometime this year.

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