E3 Dead Nation Impressions

Brought to us by the same brilliant minds that created Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation brings us more of the same gameplay that enthralled gamers when it first hit PSN in 2007. This time, the game takes an adventure approach to game progression, pitting players against a city of zombies rather than just endless waves. The-O Network Online checked it out at E3; read our thoughts after the jump.

To start off, it’s interesting how many details the developers put into the game. The first glaring example that the demo showed off was a car with an alarm in it. If shot at, the car would sound off its alarm, attracting any nearby zombies who would thrash away at it. This eventually causes the car to blow up and take the zombies with it.  Cars’ trunks can also be opened, revealing cash that players can later use to upgrade their weapons or armor.

Weapons and items will also have a variety of effects and uses. The coolest thing we saw was the flare, which will attract zombies for as long as it stays lit. Sadly, the demo only showcased the flares and grenades. Hopefully, the full game will feature a larger variety of items to mess around with.

Graphically, the game is looking beautiful. The screen almost glistens as zombies explode after a grenade is sent their way. The city is rendered with an amazing amount of detail. Time will tell how many more beautifully rendered locales we’ll see.

Dead Nation’s biggest tease was the multiplayer mode, which was not available at E3. We were told that both players will progress together to fight against hordes of zombies. Also, players will have the pleasure of tracking their progress along with other Dead Nation players in their quest to eradicate this virus.

Dead Nation is set to hit PSN later this year in the holidays. Expect more updates on this news in the future.

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