Nightow / Nishimura (Trigun) Interview

Nightow / Nishimura (Trigun) Interview

We were given a brief chance to speak with Yasuhiro Nightow, creator of Trigun, and the Director of the new Trigun movie, Satoshi Nishimura before the start of Anime Expo 2009. Surprisingly, Nightow turned out to be a very funny and laid back person. Before we knew it, our interview side tracked and turned into a relaxed conversation. Regardless, we have omitted the personal comments and have only included questions and answers relating to both men's work.

T-ONO: You had previously stated in an interview back in 2000 that you had decided the ending for Trigun. Now that the series is over, has there been any changes since then?

Nightow: The ending was much better than what I expected it to be. I was much more satisfied with what I came up with later on.


T-ONO: If you could change anything in particular in the manga series, what would it be?

Nightow: There is absolutely nothing I would like to change. When I was working on it, I gave it my best. I want to move forward and not look back to the past.


T-ONO: Are you currently working on any projects right now or future projects?

Nightow: I'm working on a toy line right now called Assemble Board. It is basically action figures that have movable joints and body parts. I also currently work on one-shot manga that are only featured in certain publication magazines.


T-ONO: Is the brand new movie for Trigun going to be tied in with the manga series or a unique story on its own?

Nishimura: The storyline for the movie is not a continuation of the Trigun series nor a shorten version. It is a brand new story based around the same time of episodes 9-12 in the television series. Basically the movie is an episode showing what could have happened during that time. e want to cater to the old fans so they can relate to it and new fans.


T-ONO: In the recent years with the rise of live-action comic book movies, would Nightow be interested in seeing a live-action Trigun movie?

Nightow: We would love to see that happen if the opportunity was given. The graphics and everything else would be interesting to see. It would be fascinating to see a western sci-fi series adapted into real life situation.


T-ONO: Thank you very much for your time.

Both: Thank you.

Please also look at our full transcription of their panel here.
Translation provided by Anime Expo staff.
Transcription done by Kevin Yen.
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