UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN to feature Evangelion, Attack on Titan, Biohazard and Monster Hunter


If you're a fan of games and anime, then Universal Studios Japan has a special treat for you! Well, that is assuming you're planning on booking a trip to Japan sometime within the beginning of 2015. From January 23 to May 10, UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN will be taking over the amusement park for a total of 108 days. In addition to the previously announced Biohazard (Resident Evil) and Monster Hunter, the main attraction for Universal Cool Japan will also include a special 4D Evangelion attraction along with a full reproduction of a life-sized Titan from Attack on Titan to showcase these special entertainment brands in an immersive environment. More details on the attractions themselves after the jump.



Introducing the world's first "4D" Evangelion attraction. Since its release in 1995, this hit anime has been hugely popular around the world—the Rebuild of Evangelion movies have been shown in movie theaters including Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia. Now, Evangelion comes to the park for the first time.
This is the first Evangelion 4D attraction ever. It features a fully original story that can only be seen in the park and will be shown for a limited time at the Universal Studios Cinema 4D theater attraction. Guests will encounter Angels and witness fights between the Evangelion Units and Angels from brand-new, novel angles via 3D videos made with Hollywood technologies. Moreover, 4D special effects including bomb blasts, flashes, water spray, and vibrations that shake the guests' seats will thrill all five senses. Guests will be drawn into the world of Evangelion by the extreme sense of realism centered on these battles!

Attack on Titan: THE REAL

The world's first full reproduction of a "life-sized" Titan 15 meters tall! 40 million copies of the Attack on Titan manga have been published (as of October 2014), and this renowned series is hugely popular in Asia as well. Now, Attack on Titan comes to the park. For the first time, Universal Studios Japan's creative team utilized its fantastic reproduction technologies to create an amazingly realistic view of the unique world of this series. Before their eyes, guests will see a 15-meter-tall Eren Titan and a 14-meter-tall Female Titan! From the same viewpoint as the Survey Corps, guests will view these two impressive Titans—which seem likely to move at any minute and are approximately 10 times larger than a human—with their naked eyes as they experience unimaginable thrills. In addition, guests can look forward to a brand-new type of walk-through attraction that features Universal Studios Japan's wonderful movie technologies that will be announced in the future!


The Real Escape Game evolves into a realistic, live-type entertainment that has never been seen before! The Real Escape Game by SCRAP (Head Office: Tokyo) is expanding from Japan across the world. Now, it has been combined with the survival horror world of Biohazard and a realistic environment created by Universal Studios Japan that is so authentic it seems like a hallucination. Come experience the most advanced type of realistic live entertainment ever. Inside a huge television station building, guests will be frightened by the threat of sudden zombie attacks. They will deal with a wide range of traps as they count down to the time limit and work to solve multiple detailed riddles. This new Real Escape Game must be taken on not only with intellectual power but also courage, and allows guests to experience an ultimate sense of accomplishment with their friends.
* This is a new attraction that differs from the popular BIOHAZARD THE REAL 2 shooting attraction that began in August 2014 (held every day until Nov. 9, 2014).


The world's first fusion of life-sized monsters and special effects. More than 31 million video games have been sold in the Monster Hunter series. For the first time, in this MONSTER HUNTER: THE REAL attraction—the third since 2011—special effects utilizing light will be combined with life-sized monsters, reproducing the world of Monster Hunter via environmental effects. An ultra-electrified Zinogre, its whole body charged with electricity, will appear in the park for the first time before guests, who will be able to physically experience the realistic sensation of being struck by lightning. The entrance to the venue will also feature a life-sized Seregios—a new monster from Monster Hunter 4G—for the first time. Seregios will greet the guests with an overwhelming force and sense of lively motion that makes it look like it has just come down from the sky. This attraction features a great deal of content from the 4G game that can only be found in the park, including popular Time Attack Challenges and food.

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