Wondercon 2010 Impressions

Wondercon is a magical time in which geeks from all over can congregate in one small space. It's a special time of... Well, I'm getting off track a bit.

Wondercon is awesome!

This year seemed the usual fair. A few great costumes jumped out, and there were products aplenty with a great selection of artists to share their wares.

It would definitely be nice if the venue somehow booked more people, but it doesn't seem likely. It's not exactly a bad thing that it's small, we only really need ONE CCSD, but there's an awful lot of unused space on the showroom floor.

This time around I actually wandered through the artists alley and checked everything in full. There's a lot of great talent to scope out, and they sell you great art on the cheap. In my mind they're the core of Wondercon, though you often see bigger crowds surrounding the vendors down the way. If we didn't have people of all types working their butts off to put pen to pad or pencil to paper or stylus to screen we really wouldn't have such a large community of comic lovers.

It was another good year: plenty to see, plenty purchase, and lots to love.


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