LiSA Launcher (album) Review

LiSA Launcher (album) Review

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T-ONO Announces Collaboration with Under the Dog (UTD)


With Sakura-Con soon approaching, we are pleased to announce that The-O Network will be participating in a special collaboration with Kinema Citrus, the creators, of the upcoming Under the Dog (UTD) anime. Not only will we be interviewing Koji Morimoto (producer) and Jiro Ishii (original storywriter), but we will be providing a video recording of their entire sixty minute panel on our website and YouTube channels. Please stay tuned for exciting updates on production, artwork, visuals and questions regarding the Kickstarter funded anime project, originally announced at Otakon 2014.


LiSA Launcher (album) Review


Fresh off the success of her 2014 Oricon charting singles, "Rising Hope," "Bright Flight/L.Miranic," and "Shirushi," JPOP artist LiSA is back with her fifth album titled Launcher. Released on March 4th, Launcher is her third album and features songs from the anime series Sword Art Online II and the Irregular at Magic High School. Along with a very striking album cover of our JPOP starlet, I've personally been looking forward to this release for a while as I've done with most of her work. However, for those on the fence about the purchase and want to find out whether the album hit its targets with megaton precision or if it fires a dud, read on!


Clannad artist Itaru Hinoue’s Visual Novel, Holy Breaker, Being Released Next Week


Released in limited quantities at Comiket 87, Itaru Hinoue's (Clannad, Rewrite) newest visual novel Holy Breaker will be released in Japan next week by publisher Visual Arts. Involving a plot revolving around a conflict between magic users, the black witch Minase Tenma and the conjurer Haruka Abeno, they compete to gather ten magical weapons and gain untold power. The protagonist, Tsukomo Izumi becomes involved after he witnesses them fighting.


P19 Interview @ AOD 2015


While in attendance at Anime on Display (AOD) 2015 in San Francisco, we had an exclusive opportunity to interview the up-and-coming Japanese illustrator P19. Known for her rich and colorful character design work with the visual novel company Light, she has served under their Sweetlight brand and has also done numerous illustrations for their series of novels. This includes Vamp on the Dead Line with author Madoka Igami and Himegitsune no Servant with author Kasuga Mikage, as well as doujinshi under the circle name, "practice." Learn all about her inspirations behind her upcoming Elements artbook, as well as her thoughts on being a professional artist in Japan!


Ask Your Questions: NIS America Press Event 2015

NISA P15 2

It's almost that time again, NIS America, Inc.​ is hosting their annual Press Event this Thursday and we've got you covered with live tweets from the event, full press releases after and interviews.

Got questions about any past, current, or future titles?
Drop them in the comments below, on our Facebook, or our Twitter and we'll do our best to get them answered straight from the head Prinny himself!


Taiyou Con 2015 Impressions


To be honest, when we first heard of a small anime convention in Mesa, Arizona would play host to America's first Persona concert, we were stunned in disbelief. It wasn't that it was the fact that it took place in the nation's 48th state, but rather that Taiyou Con was able to invite some of the guests that we were thinking would select a larger con like Anime Expo, Sakura-con or Otakon for their American debut; especially given how popular the Atlus video game series has become in America. However, being huge Persona fans, we didn't hesitate at all to book a plane, car and hotel from California and before we knew it we were in Mesa.

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