Tamiyasu Tomoe (民安 ともえ) Interview @ Anime Expo 2012

Tamiyasu Tomoe (民安 ともえ) Interview @ Anime Expo 2012

This year MangaGamer brought acclaimed eroge voice actress Tamiyasu Tomoe with them to Anime Expo 2012 as an industry guest. Tamiyasu's extensive resume includes her role as Yayoi in OVERDRIVE's Deardrops and as Rin/Riki/Sasasegawa in KEY's Little Busters!. Tomoe was gracious enough to sit down with our resident staffers, Benjamin Chu and Jason Young, to give us the lowdown on her career as a voice actress and who would win in a dispute between Rin and Yayoi!

T-ONO: On your live chat, you said that you've been to America before can you tell us where you've been?

Tomoe: I haven't gone anywhere. *laughs*

T-ONO: How do you like America so far?

Tomoe: Ah first, let me introduce myself. My name is Tamiyasu Tomoe. So far I haven't really gone outside of Anime Expo, so I can't really say much. If I were asked only to talk about Anime Expo, it's very free compared to Japanese events. It really feels like a Japanese festival. For example, I get to walk around [AX] eating ice cream, having fun with everyone during the night before the convention starts, and seeing a lot of favorite cosplays. These are very restricted in Japan.
今回は、あ、始めまして民安ともえです。AXの会場からあまり出てないので、町の事はあまりわからないのですが, AXの事だけで言うと、日本のイベントと比べてものすごく自由で素敵です。ものすごく日本で言うところのお祭りみたいな。アイスを食べながら歩けたりとか、前の日の夜からみんなで盛り上がったりとか、後すごく大きなコスプレがあったり、その全部が日本では規制されてます。

T-ONO: What do you think of the fans in America?

Tomoe: I was surprised they all feel the same way about my work. Even though Japanese fans and American fans are of different ethnicity, they are all very kind, but really shy. Also, their Japanese is really good.

T-ONO: Can you tell us something about yourself that makes you different or unique from other voice actors/actresses?

Tomoe: The answer might be a bit long.

T-ONO: That's fine; you can give us a simple answer.

Tomoe: Well, I do animation for adult games, narration, and voice over. For a voice actor/actress to do all that is pretty rare. There might be more people like me in the future, but right now it is like an experimental stage. I do feel a little pressured because I feel like I can't do something stupid as a role model.
えーっと、こちらで言うと、18禁のゲームのアニメーション、あと吹き替え、ナレーション、そういったもの全部やってるので、それは日本ではめずらしい。だから、これからもしかしたら、そういう人が増えていくか もしれないけど、私が今まだ開拓中という所があるので、下手な事ができないなーというプレッシャーは感じますね。

T-ONO: Following that question, how did you become involved with the bishoujo industry?

Tomoe: I am a bishoujo game player, and there was a game that I really liked. I was an actress in plays before, and when I played bishoujo games, I realized that bishoujo games have a lot of dialogue with a long story and it looked really fun to act them out. I wanted to do voiceover work for three years where I even told several people about wanting to do it. Then after three years, a job was suddenly offered to me.
私は美少女ゲームのユーザーで、ものすごく好きなゲームがあって、あと舞台とかで役者とかやっ ていたんですけど、美少女ゲームというのはものすごく台詞の量が多いんですよ、ストーリーが長い、それを演じるのがものすごく楽しそうに見えて、やりたい なやりたいなって3年ぐらい思ってて、それを色んな場所で言ってたんです。そしたら3年後に急に仕事が来ました。

T-ONO: Is there anyone that you look up to as a role model?

Tomoe: Yes, there is the voice actress Izumi Maki (Da Capo II, Little Busters!, Ef: A Tale of Memories). We did a radio show together.

Tomoe thinking.T-ONO: What kind of preparation do you do when you're about to record a more risqué scene in an ero game?

Tomoe: Hmm preparations? Let's see, I try not to think too much about it that way it feels more realistic.

T-ONO: We know that you play a lot of eccentric characters, so we need to ask. Who would win a shouting match between Yayoi from Deardrops and Rin from Little Busters!?
色んなエキセントリックなキャラクターをよく演じてますよね。なのですごく気になる事があるんですが、もしも「ディアドロップス」の大場 弥生と「リトルバスターズ!」の棗 鈴が口げんかをしたなら、誰が勝ちますか?

Tomoe: [Laughs] A fight, huh? Well, if they are just shouting at each other, probably Yayoi will win. However, if there's any fist fighting involved then Rin would win!

T-ONO: What was it like to work on a script from the legendary Jun Maeda (Little Busters!)?
あのかの有名な伝説の男、麻枝 准 の脚本に関わってどう思いましたか?

Tomoe: Until I saw the entire story I didn't really understand what was going on. Jun Maeda would give me advice during the recordings that I needed to act a certain way. It wasn't until Little Busters!was released that I finally got a chance to play it. I finally understood why I had to act a certain way. Everyone who was involved with Little Busters! was kept in the dark to make it with care during the production. The scenario was very difficult because of that.
出来上がるまで、全体が本当の意味ではわかってなかったです。収録の時は 麻枝さんが来てくださって、ひとつひとつの台詞にもっとこうしてくださいと言ってくれたんですよ。そして「リトルバスターズ!」が出来上がって、プレイしてみ て だからこうなんだって思いました。スタッフさんも私もエンジニアさんもみんなで丁寧に作りました。そういった意味では彼のシナリオは難しいです。

T-ONO: How did it feel playing three roles (Rin, Riki and Sasami Sasasegawa) in Little Busters!?

Tomoe: I actually played four roles. When I was first told about this, I thought, "Really!" but the person who made this understood the story better than I did so I left it up to him. So when he offered me the job, I decided to take it.

T-ONO: What's the number one thing that you're looking forward to with the upcoming Little Busters! anime project?

Tomoe: There are quite a bit of action scenes in Little Busters! I think when the characters moves, the acting changes too. When you play a game, you listen to the dialog differently compared to anime. Of course they're going to try and match the sequences in the original visual novel, but something is always going to be different.

tammy 4T-ONO: Do you have any tips or suggestions on voice acting for your fans worldwide?

Tomoe: I originally started off as a stage performer. How do people in America usually start their careers?

T-ONO: They would go to an audition and if selected, they would receive a contract from a company. It can be either a small or a big role.

Tomoe: Ah. I was a bit narrow-minded when I started, so I only tried very hard on the things in front of me. Recently I became more open and started trying new things. For example, coming to the United States for the first time is an experience. When I see actors/actresses who I admire in the industry, I notice that they have a lot of things that they like such as movies, TV, pictures, and more. So I would say to the fans who would want to go into voice acting that it is good to concentrate on voice acting but if you want to broaden your acting skills you would want to start by getting more hobbies.
私はその声優するにあたって視野が狭かったので、目の前にあるものを一生懸命やるのにばかり気を取られてたのだけれど、最 近やっとでこうやってアメリカに来ようって思って、自分の経験値を増やそうって思い始めました。私が好きな役者さんを見ていると、素敵な役者さんはやっぱ 好きなものが多いです。自分な好きな音楽、作品、映画、絵、色んなものが、なので演技を一生懸命作っていくのも大事なのですが、もっと自分の好きなものをいっぱい作っていってください。

T-ONO: Are there any future projects that you can discuss that we should be excited for?

Tomoe: Unfortunately, I can't talk about it yet. [Laughs] However, I am working on some music where I'll be performing as a voice actor not as a musical artist, so if the fans can see me perform as a character when I'm singing, that would be great.

T-ONO: Any message for your fans in the U.S.?

Interview conducted by Benjamin Chu and Jason Young. Translation edits by Arthur Arends and Ken Ohata.

Notes: Translation corrections made on August 1, 2012.

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