Game Reviews

Game Reviews

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review stars

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a new PSP fighting game developed by Square Enix, featuring characters from the original Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy XI. Having developed fighting games in the past like Ehrgeiz and Tobal, Square Enix is no newcomer to fighting games, but how well would it fare after such a long hiatus?

Katamari Tribute (Forever) Review stars

Na, Na, Na...The nostalgic music plays as this new, yet familiar game starts up. Katamari Tribute is the newest game in the Katamari series for the Playstation 3. The King of the Cosmos has been hit on the head by some celestial body and now suffers from amnesia. During the accident, the King has also made a mess of things in the universe and now it is up to you to clean it up. To help fill the void of “cluelessness” in the King of the Cosmos, the Prince and his cousins, played by you as always, decide to build a robotic King of the Cosmos, who gives out missions to complete.

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review stars

The first high definition 2D fighting game, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger is the spiritual successor to Guilty Gear;  it features the same producer, designer, and music composer as its predecessor. Can it compete against other fighting games like this year's Street Fighter IV? Read this review to find out.

Suguri Perfect Edition Review stars

Rockin Android, a company based in Los Angeles, specializes in licensing and publishing niche genre games. Recently, they were at Anime Expo 2009, showing off this game at the booth. We thought it looked interesting and checked it out. Suguri Perfect Edition includes both Suguri, a side scrolling shooter, and Acceleration of Suguri, the multi player expansion set that will give players a completely new experience.

Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! Review stars

Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? is a refreshing new title (literally) published in the United Stated by NIS America. The game forgoes sophisticated polygons and adopts classic retro sprites. You play as the God of Destruction, and have been summoned by the Overlord to help him rid the wannabe heroes who have been sent to capture him in his lair.

Resident 5 Versus Mode DLC Review stars

Finally, I get to play against people in Resident Evil 5 online. Wait, its not on the disk, you mean I have to pay more money? Well this will make some people angry.

Capcom has released the first downloadable content for their latest edition of the resident evil franchise. This downloadable content, set at $4.99 available for both the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360, is just another way for Capcom to get a little extra money into their already deep wallets.

Mana Khemia: Student Alliance Review stars

Mana Khemia: Student Alliance is a port of a Playstation 2 (PS2) game made by Gust updated for the Playstation Portable (PSP). Gust is famous for developing the Atelier Iris and Ar tonelico series with their games published by NIS America in the United States. Can this port live up to other PSP RPGs and its original PS2 big brother?

Gundam vs Gundam Review stars

A straight port of the arcade game, Gundam vs Gundam for the PSP brings over the arcade experience to a handheld. Like any arcade game, this game starts off quickly, prompting the player to choose one of the 37 mechas (called mobile suits in the Gundam universe) available, four of which are exclusive to the PSP. These range from the original RX-78 to the new (at least at the time of the arcade game’s release) Gundam Exia.  After that, the player is treated to a short CG sequence modeled after the show’s own opening with its opening music as well. That part should be a real treat for any Gundam fan.

Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Review stars

Remember those little dead penguins from the Disgaea series? Apparently they have their own game now. Yes, now you can be a hero and save the world from the forces of evil and conquer the Netherworld. This would sound like a pretty epic game, but sadly it is not to this extent. The Prinnies have to serve their master by finding the ultimate dessert. Yes, the treat you eat after dinner. You search for the ultimate desert by platforming, through fire, ice, and traversing through the landscapes of the Netherworld while bashing and stomping on your enemies.

Disgaea 3 Review stars

It's back to the Netherworld and class is now in session for our favorite demons. You read that right, school. Apparently even demonic ne'er-do-wells have to go to school in order to learn their evil ways. It seems that a lot of recent RPGs have taken place in academia: Persona 3 and Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis both have the protagonists battling their way through demons and monsters, all while attending classes.