DESTROSE (Music) Review

DESTROSE (Music) Review

Ready for some mind-melting heavy metal? DESTROSE is an all-girl metal band from Japan who has recently made their album debut in April. Reaching the number seven spot on Japan's Oricon indies' chart, DESTROSE seem to be making waves in the indie scene. Featuring beautiful girls who certainly know how to rock out, their ten track self-titled album serves as a fantastic introduction to music fans worldwide.

Formed and fronted by lead guitarist Mina, all-female heavy metal band DESTROSE suffered from a constantly changing vocalist spot after their first release in 2010. Now they are back with a vengeance after recruiting their new vocalist Marina, whose epic vocals are a perfect match for Mina's electrifying riffs and power-chords. The rest of the talented ladies of DESTROSE include: Narumi (Guitar), Miho (Bass), and Haruna (Drums) who returns to record for the group's first album.

Here is a quick rundown of the track listing:

01. "The Generations of Chaos"

02. "Headless Goddess"

03. "Sword of Avenger" (Remix)

04. "Skykiller"

05. "Destination" (Album Version)

06. "Romancer"

07. "Fenixx" (Album Version)

08. "Lifer"

09. "Nostphilia" (Album Version)

10. "Hakai no Bara"

This album features previously released songs from other singles such as "Hakai no Bara" and "Lifer" as well as a couple of new songs for fans to listen to as well. Despite the usage of previous releases, the tracks have been remastered and re-recorded for maximum enjoyment. Overall, the sound is very clear and crisp and even better with a good pair of headphones. All of the instruments can be picked out easily so even if you blast the music over a set of speakers, you won't be disappointed. The bass, guitars, drums, and vocals all stand out.

The first track, "The Generations of Chaos" is an instrumental track. This is a common feature in most of the Japanese albums that I've listened to. Not only does it help serve to hype up the listener, it beautifully showcases the skills of each members with their respective instrument.

"Headless Goddess" is a great first vocal track as you can really get the "heavy metal" feel right from the start. Marina starts off the song with a heavy metal growl before the song launches straight into guitar riffs.

My favorite tracks from the album are "Nostphilia" and "Fenixx," both of which have short sneak PVs on the band's Youtube channel. "Romancer" was one of my favorites as well considering that the song had a catchy tune, great lyrics, and in my opinion feels like it could belong in an anime or game opening.



As expected, all of the tracks on the album are very energetic. Overall, the tracks are very fast-paced and easy on the ears to listen to. From glancing at the cover art, all of the girls look great and ready to rock out. Their outfit style has a visual-kei/punk rock feel to it and quite appropriate considering that not all of their songs are hard-heavy metal. Their clothes are something that I'd wear!

There's a great lineup of songs in DESTROSE's debut album, it's no wonder that they have garnered a lot of attention in the indie scene. The songs are easy to listen to and also great to listen to on any occasion, whether it's working out or even gaming. If you are interested in DESTROSE, you can find out more by visiting their official website or buy their album on CD Japan.

t-ono A-

What I Loved:

  • - Talented performers
  • - Awesome vocals
  • - Energetic tracks/easy to listen to

What I Hated:

  • - Some songs are fairly pop influenced
  • - Not exactly heavy metal
  • Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the distributor.
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