VAMPS Band Interview

VAMPS Band Interview

With only about a month away before L’Arc~en~Ciel's famed singer Hyde and Oblivion Dust's K.A.Z. perform live together in the United States as VAMPS, we got a chance to talk briefly with the band. Get to know the band a little more before seeing them in concert!

Questions provided by Alice Yan and Sarah Wong

T-ONO: The first time Hyde (solo) came to America, it started as only four shows on the West Coast. How does it feel to be playing a proper national tour in the US as your second time around?

HYDE: Four lives in America were fabulous. That's why we could come this time again. I'm excited to visit cites for the first time and try new things. First of all, I look forward to lives in front of the American audience.

K.A.Z.: I look forward to meeting many people.


T-ONO: What interesting issues came up along the tour?

HYDE: We make our album to have our own tours. And it's great to have a drink after a performance. It tastes even better after a good performance. Period!

K.A.Z.: After sweating a lot, the beer gets really penetrated into the body [laugh].


T-ONO: How were the American audiences compared to the Japanese ones?

HYDE: Perhaps there is a difference in national characters: American audiences are good at expressing themselves, so it's fun to perform in front of them. Japanese people are not good at expressing their emotions, even though they are moved.

K.A.Z.: American audiences are wider than Japanese audience, so I can feel their cheers and excitements much more directly. Their cheering voices are so loud! We get excited by that. I think American audiences are good at having fun.


T-ONO: What was the most hilarious moment you two [as VAMPS] had during production or recording process?

HYDE: K.A.Z. likes spicy foods very much, but he is not good at handling them, so it was funny to see him screaming while eating.


T-ONO: Is there any particular artists or bands that inspired your musical style?

K.A.Z.: I used to watch and got inspired by King Crimson, Cheap Trick, and TOTO.

HYDE: Probably, Mötley Crüe, and others.


T-ONO: What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? What are you trying to express through your music?

HYDE: We created songs from the viewpoint of vampires. By doing so, we could draw more objective figure of human-being.


T-ONO: Could you briefly describe your music-making process?

HYDE: K.A.Z. plays the guitar and I do the singing. We work hard on melody together.


T-ONO: What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

HYDE: Well, we compensate for what we lack each other. No argument or fight.

K.A.Z.: We are adults, so we respect for each other.

HYDE: We use the exciting moment that a band usually has at the beginning. We take advantage of the good part of being a band, I guess.


T-ONO: Out of all of the songs that you have performed, which one(s) do you enjoy the most and why?


K.A.Z.: I love them all! If I have to choose one, maybe "COSMOS."


T-ONO: Any last words to your American fans?

HYDE: Can't wait to see you. Wait for a little bit more; I will bite your neck!

K.A.Z.: Let's have a fun party!

Stay tuned as we will do our best to bring you on stage, and if possible, exclusive backstage photos from VAMPS' concert in San Francisco! Check out their full tour schedule from the banner below.



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