Gacharic Spin Interview @ JPOP 2015

Gacharic Spin Interview @ JPOP 2015

At first sight you might think these girls are your every day idol group. In reality, these girls rock out on stage with their instruments as Gacharic Spin. Their upbeat and energetic music lead their song, "Don't Let Me Down" to be featured in the seventh ending theme song for Dragonball Kai. Hear what they had to say as we talk to them about their first appearance at J-POP Summit Festival in San Francisco.  

T-ONO: So we are here at J-Pop Summit in San Francisco. Is this your first time in this city?

Gacharic Spin: Yes.

T-ONO: Were you able to go sightseeing?

KOGA: Not leisurely…

T-ONO: So do you guys have some things you want to do while you are here?

Oreo: I want eat the clam chowder in a aourdough bread bowl.

KOGA: As well as crab.

Mai: I want to go near the Golden Gate Bridge.

T-ONO: Oh did you know you can walk on it?

Gacharic Spin: Oh~

KOGA: Do you have any suggestions for us?

T-ONO: Mmm, I guess you should go to Union Square. Have you guys gone? It’s a place to go shopping, so perhaps when you guys have time you can take a look.

Gacharic Spin: Of course!

T-ONO: So now that you are here at J-Pop Summit, what is your first impressions of this event?

KOGA: In comparison to other lives we have done abroad?

T-ONO: Yes.

Hana: It feels much more lively.

Oreo: Like a hot spot.

KOGA: Also the distance between people seems a lot closer.

T-ONO: Yea, it must feel different from performing lives in Japan.

KOGA: Not just Japan, but in other countries as well. But even with that proximity, it’s still refreshing.

Oreo: Just like San Francisco.

T-ONO: So you talked about how the proximity of the fans allows you to communicate, either through speech or music, are there anything else you thought as unique about this experience you are having right now? Such as an experience here that is unlike places abroad.

KOGA: In that sense, this is the first foreign live that our newest member, Nenne. So maybe she can elaborate on that.

Nenne: So the first thing I noticed are the buildings are built differently, and that each section has a unique color in accordance to nationality. I wouldn’t mind living here.

T-ONO: So with Arisa “graduating,” and Konishi Nene taking her place...

KOGA: *chuckles* It’s Nenne

Oreo: Nenne, the san-gou.

T-ONO: Congratulations for becoming the newest member, and if you don’t mind revealing a little more about yourself, not just for those in America, but for the Japanese fans who may find this article.

Nenne: Mmm, let’s see. I like watching movies, especially foreign films that are action-oriented.

T-ONO: Do you have any recommendation as to recent action films?

Nenne: Mmm, although it’s not an action film, or recent… [everyone laughs]

Oreo: Eh…

Nenne: But my all time favorite is Shawshank Redemption (1994).

Oreo: Good choice.

Nenne: So I was reminded of this classic looking at the prison (gestures to Alcatraz), and wondered if there are any prison breaks at the place?

T-ONO: Oh yea, there were some prison breaks from Alcatraz - majority of them ending in failures.

Nenne: Please tell me more later!

T-ONO: Can you tell us a little about your wardrobes? It’s really unique and it reminds me of a sports jersey.

KOGA: With this appearance we would not be imagined as a band, but we are using that unlikely image against people to be more memorable. Each one of us have a unique color to appeal that it is not just a one-man show, and that everyone of us is contributing to the band. So in that sense, if the fans don’t remember our names, they can identify us through the colors.

T-ONO: I’ve also heard information that you guys have coached AKB48 members. Do you mind elaborating on this? More specifically being able to teach people and experiencing something new.

KOGA: So TOMO-ZO, Hana, and I, Chopper, have released a teaching DVD to learn how to play our respected instruments. In that sense, we teach people, such as some of the AKB48 members. Teaching is a dual experience since it provides us with feedback in regards to how we are learning our craft as well. Afterward Oreo joins in with us to do a special teaching sessions. And of course, Oreo’s session is very unique.

T-ONO: ...such as?

Oreo: For instance, during our live I wear a shining brassiere, so I make my students in these teaching session wear them. Just for clarification, all the students of my session are girls. Or I teach them how to sway their necks.

T-ONO: So it’s a special training session to give courage to the students to stand out?

Oreo: Yes. I also play on the keyboard stand while playing it at the same time, what I like to call the “MG Kaikyaku Play," so I let my students try it out as well, along with providing tips as to how to do it.

T-ONO: Your new album, “Music Battler,” is coming out this coming fall. Do you mind telling us about the new album?

Oreo: In the music video of “Music Battler”, there are scenes where we become heroes and fight, and cool scenes where we strive forward even if conditions are tough. So I feel that we created the emotion within the music as well as the video itself, so please if you have a chance to watch it. The album itself has a variety of genres so please check it out.

KOGA: This is the first album where Nenne has joined our team, so in that sense we can show the world and to our fans a new and evolved Gacharic Spin. Not to mention that depending on the songs we have a twin vocal set up, or either Hana, Oreo, or TOMO-ZO singing solo. Also, the two performer are not just backdancers, but also have unique actions based on the song we are performing. So with our new member Nenne, and listening to our new songs in this album, our wish is for the fans to come to our lives and watch this new Gacharic Spin. And to accomplish this, we need to do our best, and come to places like America to perform our lives. So please keep tabs on us.

T-ONO: I have also heard that you guys performed a song for the new Dragon Ball Kai, and heard great things about it from our staff. Is there anything you want to share with us regarding this experience?

Oreo: It was like a dream.

KOGA: When our song played in the background of Goku, it just felt surreal to us.

Oreo: During the ending credits, when our group name appeared, it was a really awesome moment.

T-ONO: Finally, a message for the fans?

KOGA: TOMO-ZO will handle that.

TOMO-ZO: Ok. So we, GHS, would like to do more of these lives abroad, and meet more of our fans abroad. So please continue supporting us!

Translator: Yusuke Osada
Interviewer: Salvador Mateos and Ken Dubois

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