Inori Minase Wins Seiyu Awards Best Actress

Inori Minase Wins Seiyu Awards Best Actress

Inori Minase has received the prestigious "Best Actress" award at the 10th annual Seiyu Awards. While best known for her work in the anime series Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a dungeon? as the character Hestia, Inori has had some other exciting opportunities for 2015.

She was awarded the prestigious title for her lead role in the film The Anthem of the Heart, and in the popular anime series School-Live.

In The Anthem of the Heart, despite given the difficult lead role of Jun Naruse, a girl who doesn’t speak, Inori was able to impersonate the character and all her sensitive insecurities to make her relatable to audiences. Likewise, the role of survivor Yuki Takeya in School-Live! was brought to life with Inori’s innocent yet energetic and ever persuasive acting, fascinating fans along the way.

While receiving the award Inori gave a heartfelt speech thanking the industry and her fans.

“When I was five, I had a small wish to be able to talk to (anime) characters, that grew into a dream of becoming a professional voice actress. I never imagined that 15 years later I would win this award. At the age of 20, I don’t see this award as the goal or the peak of my career, and I want to keep improving and growing in the future. I hope that I can someday become someone else's dream and admiration, and will continue to work hard to do so. ”

 About the Seiyu Awards

The Seiyu Awards are prestigious annual awards that recognize outstanding voice acting talent (known as seiyū in Japan) for their performances in anime titles, and are highly valued in the anime world. Having started in 2006, the Seiyu Awards celebrated their 10th anniversary with a ceremony held at the JOQR Media Plus Hall on March 12, 2016.

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Date of Birth: December 2nd, 1995
Height: 154cm
Hometown: Tokyo

Since her debut as a voice actress at 15, Inori Minase has acted in important roles in many well-known anime titles, including “Is the Order a Rabbit? (Gochiusa)” as Chino, “Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Danmachi)” as Hestia, “School-Live! (Gakko Gurashi!)” as Yuki Takeya, “The Anthem of the heart (Kokosake)” as Jun Naruse and more. She also debuted as a solo singer from King Records on her 20th birthday, December 2, 2015. Her highly anticipated second single, “harmony ribbon,” will be released on April 13, 2016.

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