NIS America Prinny Event 08 stars

Been extremely busy the last couple of weeks preparing the site for another migration mostly due to a security issue. Spent the last 5 hours moving, but anyways today is the day of NIS America's Winter Prinny Press Event! Chief Photographer Troy Leong and myself have been invited to this event, and we'll keep you updated on what's new. (You can now read our report here)

As the event is titled, it will be mostly to promote the PSP game Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? As a guess, the Prinny game and Ar tonelico II for the Playstation 2 most likely will be playable at this event. They will probably also discuss about the downloadable content for the American version of Disgaea 3. We will also present to NIS America all the questions and concerns many of your voiced in regards to the localization of Ar tonelico II.

If you still have any questions for NIS America, please feel free to post them here. I will be checking this post occasionally at the event on my phone for any new questions.

Prinny Game Gift and New Plushies stars

Apparently the special gift item mentioned previously in a newsletter sent out by NIS America for preorders of Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? has been revealed. The newsletter showed a silhouette of what looks like a PSP case and for the Japanese release, NIS is including a blue Prinny PSP case so most likely we can expect the same.

NIS is also releasing 2 new Prinny plushies, one of the new Prinny with a scarf, and Prinny Laharl. They both look awesome, a lot better than the old ones. Definitely picking up both and plopping them on top of monitor.

Full images inside.

Quick Gaming Press Releases stars

Currently busy at the moment restructuring the very foundation of the website after a meeting with the other administrators of the website after the PHP injection incident, so expect further delays in new posts.

On Monday, Ignition Entertainment sent us word that they will be including a special bonus disc in Metal Slug 7 for the United States including wallpapers and game trailers.

On Thursday and Friday of last week, NIS announced that Ar Tonelico 2 has been delayed until January 2009 but will include a soundtrack and artbook.

NIS also announced that their PS2 title Mana Khemia will be ported and released on the PSP in January 2009.

As for the previously announced title A Witch's Tale for the NDS originally projected to be released in October 2008 is still currently unknown.

New Square-Enix Game (Countdown) stars

news_bobpspUpdate: Apparently Jump Magazine has revealed that the game indeed will be Blood of Bahamut for the Nintendo DS.

Square-Enix has opened up a new website with a countdown timer portraying what appears to be Bahamut and possibly Alexander, summonable creatures from the Final Fantasy franchise.

The only real concrete information we have is that the webpage's icon is labeled as bob.ico, which most likely refer to the title Blood of Bahamut which Square-Enix trademarked back in September 2008 in the United States.

Speculations are already pouring out from all around the internet and we have listed some of them after the jump.

We'll have to just wait till Monday to find out what this is.

Street Fighter IV Comic to be Released stars

Comic book studio UDON plans to release a 4-issue comic book series based on Street Fighter IV. UDON plans to release this in February 2009 to coincide with Capcom's Street Fighter IV console release.

The comic will feature the four new cast members in Street Fighter IV: Rufus, Crimson Viper, El Fuerte, and Abel. Like the Street Fighter IV game, it will bridge the gap between Street Fighter II and III.


Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero Teaser Trailer stars


It's tough being a Prinny sometimes, you know dood?

You can get your hands on Prinny's new PSP adventure when it hits our shores in February 2009. For more info, click here.

Ys: Books I & II Coming to North American DS in February stars

According to Kotaku and various other sources, Atlas plans to import yet another Japanese RPG to North American shores. Legacy of Ys: Books I & II for the DS will likely ship on February 10, 2009. This game will be a remake of Ys I and Ys II.

The Ys series has over ten games I the series and is over 20 years old already. The two games included in this pack originally came out in 1987 and 1988, respectively, for computers. The two games are currently available on Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console as well. Released as two seperate remakes, Books I & II will come out as a single game in February.

BOING Docomodake DS coming to USA stars

Received this a few days ago, Ignition Entertainment will be bringing over BOING Docomodake for the DS to the States.

More information as well as the full press release after the jump.

No More Heroes 2 Announced at TGS 08 (Updated) stars

Probably the most badass otaku hero to grace gaming console, Travis Touchdown, will be returning in No More Heroes Deperate Struggle. Announced earlier today at the Tokyo Game Show 2008, little else is known about the title, with no release date or console information though probably on the Wii.

Some speculate that it may be a DS spinoff due to the title "Desperate Stuggle"; however, the trailer specifically labels the game as "NMH2" for No More Heroes 2.

Update: Confirmed that this game will be for the Wii and two versions of the game will be released, one with heavy blood while the other will be censored.

Trailer included inside.

'Wario Land: Shake It' Tears Youtube Apart stars


The video above doesn't do the game justice! Click here to view the full experience!

When Nintendo isn't busy sending it's calvalcade of polite Japanese businessmen to your home, hocking Wii consoles door-to-door, the big N spends it's time making quirky  commercials and Youtube promo spots (and video games, I guess).. The best one I've come across is for a game that has been on store shelves for a little over a week and stars Mario's gruff, greedy, and gluttonous nemesis: Wario. The big treasure-hunting lummox would like you to view his crazy, off-the-wall Youtube video -- in which he demonstrates his repertoire of abilities while the world, and the actual Youtube page, shatters under his might. So if you've got a bit of time, catch it (The video is embedded above, but it begs to be seen in full, so click here to view it), and perhaps you'll find your very own treasure. Okay, that was a bold-faced lie, there is no treasure, but it's still worth a couple minutes of your time.