Mai Aizawa (相沢舞) Interview @ SacAnime 2013

Mai Aizawa (相沢舞) Interview @ SacAnime 2013

SacAnime's Winter 2013 convention marked the beginning of a new era for the organization as they transitioned into the Sacramento Convention Center. Not only did they expand their convention however, but this time they featured a star-studded lineup, including Japanese voice actress Mai Aizawa. Known for her roles as Minene Uryuu in Mirai Nikki and Natsumi Murakami from Mahou Sensei Negima!, we had an opportunity to sit down with Mai and ask her a few questions about her career and future projects.

T-ONO: First, we just wanted to say welcome back to America and Happy New Year!

Aizawa: Happy New Year!

T-ONO: Do you have any special goals or plans for 2013?

Aizawa: During 2012, I've been helped by a lot of other people so I hope that I can pay them back during the course of the year.

T-ONO: We recently saw the special message that you left on the SacAnime website for your fans and just wanted to say that you speak English very well.

Aizawa: I'm glad. *laughs* I was reading it.

T-ONO: Do you have any other special talents that you would like to share with our readers?

Aizawa: I'm good at making chocolate. I actually measure the temperature and make a really good chocolate.

T-ONO: Sounds delicious.

Aizawa: Thanks! It is! *laughs*

T-ONO: You have done lots of characters with different personalities: quiet girls to high tension high schoolers to cool ladies. How do you feel about voice acting characters with very different personalities?

Aizawa: Out of all the characters that I've performed, the hardest are usually the quiet and introverted characters.

T-ONO: What do you do to create the voice for a particular character?

Aizawa: First, I read the original source, like a manga if it's from a manga, and then ask the director what kind of character I should go with because when I try to make a character on my own, it usually goes a different direction from what the director envisioned. So I just read the book and then ask the director about it.

T-ONO: Out of all the characters you've voiced, which one would you say is closest to your personality?

Aizawa: The character that would be closest to me personality-wise would have to be my debut character, Natsumi Murakami, from Mahou Sensei Negima!. Although she's similar to me, she's actually really hard to act out her personality.

T-ONO: What traits do you think you two share?

Aizawa: Since Natsumi doesn't have any confidence in herself and was in the drama club, I felt a lot of similarities. Natsumi would only act out in the background as trees or bushes and so it was almost as though we were going through the same exact thing.

T-ONO: Would you say that you had any similar experiences as her growing up?

IMG 2714Aizawa: Aaaaah. Let's see. *thinks* Since Natsumi doesn't really have a lot of backstory in the manga, I can't really say exactly if we went through anything similar but personality-wise we're very similar.

T-ONO: Yesterday, you had a chance to perform in front of SacAnime attendees. How did it make you feel to perform in front of them?

Aizawa: Most of the songs that I sang last night were original compositions rather than anime covers, so I was thinking that it might be hard for the audience to connect at first. I was really happy that they danced with me, but at the same time I wish I could have done my own MC in between songs.

T-ONO: You also had a chance to perform your new single "Uu-n, Mou" that's coming out on January 23, how did you and your management come to the decision to perform the new piece?

Aizawa: The songs that I performed is going to be an opening for a TV show in Japan starting this month. However, there wasn't any live schedule in Japan where I could perform it. Since SacAnime was coming up, we decided that it would be the perfect place to debut the new single before it comes out.

T-ONO: Thanks. It was very fun.

Aizawa: Thank you!

T-ONO: In your career, do you prefer singing or acting?

Aizawa: Since voice acting is my Aizawan job, I would have to say that being a seiyuu would have to be my number one priority for my career.

T-ONO: Are there any other current or future projects that you can discuss with us?

Aizawa: Up to now, all of my music has been only available through iTunes. However, soon there may be a new CD featuring all my music. Please look forward to it in the future!

T-ONO: And finally, any message you would like to say to your American and English speaking fans reading this?

Interview conducted by Jason Young and Salvador Mateos. Translations by Arthur Arends.

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