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Yui Horie/Miss Monochrome Interview @ Anime Expo 2017 stars

SHOWMAKER is an up and coming user-generated game that is set to release this winter. The game will allow players to create a virtual live stage show performance in VR for the Vocaloid character, Miss Monochrome. Miss Monochrome has appeared in anime and manga, following the story of an android who is trying to become an idol. Celebrating the announcement for the game, we sat down with the game’s producers, Haruki Hayashi, Yoshihiko Katagiri, and esteemed voice actress Yui Horie who voices Miss Monochrome, at Anime Expo 2017.

Yui Horie & Eri Kitamura Press Conference stars

One of Japan's most proliferic voice actress, Yui Horie was in attendance with her fellow voice actress Eri Kitamura at Anime Expo 2010. Apart from their individual panels and autograph sessions, a press conference was held behind closed doors for them and we have provided a transcription of the event.

Yui Horie & Eri Kitamura Exclusive Interview stars

Voice actresses Yui Horie and Eri Kitamura were in attendance at Anime Expo 2010 to celebrate the English release of the school romance comedy anime Toradora! in America. Horie is a highly successful singer and voice actress in Japan with an impressive number of roles including Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina, Eri Sawachika from School Rumble, and of course Minori Kushieda from Toradora!. Kitamura has recently established a fan base for herself with her role as Rin Kokonoe from Kodomo no Jikan. She is probably also best known for her work as Saya Otonashi from Blood+, and as Ami Kawashima from Toradora!. See what they had to say about their work in the series in our exclusive interview with them both!

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