ClariS Exclusive 1st English Interview

ClariS Exclusive 1st English Interview

Japanese pop music idol duo ClariS has caused a huge stir in Japan and have caught the attention of mainstream media for starting their career when they were only in junior high school. While the pair has not revealed their true identities, they are best recognized through their illustrations drawn by popular artists often from the anime titles they are involved in. Their music has appeared in popular anime series such as Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Nisemonogatari. Learn more about the duo and find out how they feel to have their first album "Birthday," released in the United States (iTunesAmazon)! If you're a fan, definitely do not miss The-O Network exclusive with ClariS's FIRST English interview!

T-ONO: Can you please briefly introduce yourselves to our American and English readers?


Clara:Hi, I’m Clara. My image color is pink, and my image is the moon.

クララ: クララです。イメージカラーはピンクです。イメージは月になっています。

Alice:  Hi, I’m Alice (*^^*) My image color is blue, and my image is the sun ☆彡

アリス: アリスです(*^^*)イメージカラーはブルーです。イメージは太陽になっています☆彡


T-ONO: How does it feel to have a growing fanbase not only in Japan, but also around the world?


Clara: On our website's BBS, I would look at the comments from people overseas, and I feel very happy to see that a lot of people get to know about us.

クララ: ホームページのBBSなどで、海外の方からのコメントを見ていて、沢山の方に私達の事を知っていただいているんだなぁと、とても嬉しく思っています。

Alice: Very happy (≧▽≦) I’m always reading the comments on BBS♪ They say music has no boundaries, and I am really moved that I can experience this!

アリス: とても嬉しいです(≧▽≦)いつもBBSで、海外からのコメントも見ています♪『音楽には、国境はない』と言われていますが、本当だなと実感出来て感動しています!


ClariS Birthday AlbumT-ONO: Your first album “Birthday” has been ranked #1 on the daily Oricon charts and all of your singles reached the top 10 as well.  Did you both ever expect so much success in your singing careers at such a young age?


Clara: It still hasn’t hit me yet, but I’m very much surprised. I would like to put more effort to deliver better music for everyone.

クララ: あまり実感はないのですが、とてもびっくりしています。もっと頑張って良い歌を届けていかなければと思います。

Alice: I honestly didn’t know how honored it is to be on the Oricon Top 10 chart . I now understand it and I am so happy about it every time but I still can’t believe it!! I started singing hoping at least one person would listen to it, so it’s such an amazing feeling. (*´∀`)

アリス: デビュー当時は、オリコンでTOP10に入るということがどれ位凄いものなのかも分からなかったんです。今は毎回嬉しく思っているし、未だに信じられません!!私達の歌を聴いてくれる方が一人でもいるのならと思って始めた事なので、とっても幸せに思っています(*´∀`) 


T-ONO: What are you opinion that your album “Birthday” will be available in the USA soon?


Clara: I was really surprised when I first heard about it. I’m really happy that even more people are able to listen to our music.

クララ: お話を聞いた時は本当にびっくりしました。また多くの方に私達の歌を聴いていただけるのかなと思うととても嬉しく思います。

Alice: I actually just found out about this now through this interview!! It’s really like a dream to be able to deliver our songs to even overseas. I’m really thrilled. (≧∀≦)

アリス: 実はこのインタビューで、アメリカでの発売を伝えられました!!私達の歌が、海外にまで届けられるなんて…夢の様で、今すっごくワクワクしています(≧∀≦)


T-ONO: If you could recommend only one song from “Birthday” to your American listeners, which song would it be and why?


Clara: The song called "zutto." This is the first song we wrote our own lyrics on, so I think we were able to put more feelings into it. We thought about all the important people to us when we wrote the lyrics.


Alice: I would choose "zutto" too. We have strong feelings for this song since we wrote the lyrics together for the first time. I hope you enjoy. ヾ(^^ )

アリス:「zutto」です。初めて2人で作詞をした作品で、思い入れが強いので、是非聞いて欲しいですヾ(^^ )


T-ONO: What sparked you to sing together on NicoNico?


Clara: I saw "Utattemita" on Nico Nico Douga and it looked really interesting, but I didn’t have the courage to do it on my own so I asked Alice.

クララ: 私がニコニコ動画の「歌ってみた」をみて、とても面白そうだなぁと思い、でも一人でやる勇気はなかったので、アリスを誘いました。

Alice: Clara got me into it. (*・ω・)ノ

アリス: クララに誘われたのがきっかけです(*・ω・)ノ


T-ONO: As a singer and student, you’ve kept your singing careers and school life separate. Has that been difficult to separate them properly?


Clara: I wasn't very aware of differentiating the two, but none of my friends know that I’m one of ClariS so I think the two were already naturally divided. Thus, I never felt the difficulties.

クララ: きっちりと分ける事はあまり意識したことがないのですが、回りの友達などは、私がClariSだということを誰も知らないので、自然と二つに分けて生活出来ているのではないかなと思います。なので難しく感じた事はありません。

Alice: I had a hard time when my school exams and the recording were both happening at the same time. I used even the smallest free time between recording effectively to try my best.(>_<)

アリス: 学校のテストとレコーディングが重なってしまった時は、大変でした。レコーディングのちょっとの空き時間なども有効に使い、頑張りました(>_<)


T-ONO: Could you tell us about a funny or memorable moment that you have shared together in your career?


Clara: I really enjoyed the BBQ we had during our recordings. We usually do not have opportunity to do such things, so doing these with the staff made us really happy. We often bring over our baked goods to the studio, and we dressed up as Santa Claus for Christmas.

クララ: レ コーディングの時にBBQをしたのがとても思い出に残っています。普段あまりする機会がないというのもありますが、ClariSとしてスタッフさんの方々 と出来たことがとても嬉しかったです。また、私達は行事ごとがあると、スタジオにお菓子を作っていったり、クリスマスにはサンタさんの格好をしたりするの で、とても楽しいです。

Alice: Including Halloween, every time there’s an event we usually prepare a surprise (*^ー^) We hope to continue doing it. ☆彡

アリス: ハロウィンなど、イベント毎にサプライズをやった事です(*^ー^)これからも機会が有ればやっていきたいと思います☆彡


T-ONO: We heard you were otakus. Out of curiosity, what are you otakus of?


Clara: I think I’m an anime otaku. Not that I know so much [laughs]. But I of course watched all the anime series we were involved and I love them.

クララ: 私はアニメオタクだと思います。きっとそこまでアニメに詳しい訳ではないのですが(笑)これまでタイアップさせていただいたアニメはもちろん見ましたし、大好きです。

Alice: I think I’m a Disney otaku… !? I love it so much that I’m surrounded with Disney items from stuffed toy, study desk, and my bed ヾ(≧∇≦) I’m especially really into Duffy now. ☆ He’s always with me even during recording. ♪

アリス: ディズニーオタク…かな!?大好き過ぎて、ぬいぐるみは勿論、勉強机やベッドなど…ディズニーグッズに囲まれた生活を送っていますヾ(≧∇≦) 今は特に、ダッフィーにはまっています☆レコーディングの時も、いつも一緒♪


T-ONO: Do you have any musicians you look up to for inspiration? If so, why?


Clara: That would be Ayaka. Her songs reaches people and I want to become a singer like that.

クララ: 絢香さんです。絢香さんの歌は人の心に届くような歌なので、私もそうなりたいと思うからです。

Alice: Namie Amuro (^^)/ I saw her on TV as a kid and thought she was really cool singing and dancing. (*'▽'*)

アリス: 安室奈美恵さんです(^^)/小さい時にふと見たテレビで、歌いながら踊っていて、『格好いい』と感銘を受けました(*'▽'*)


T-ONO: There has been several representation of each of you in artworks, PV, and figurines. Did you have any input in the character designs or any of the outfits?


Clara: We leave it up to the designers. I love all the characters with different illustrations and outfits every time.

クララ: お任せしています。毎回とっても可愛いイラストで服装などもとても好みのもので、どのキャラクターも大好きです。

Alice: I’m so impressed every time with the cute illustrations! I’m always looking forward to the new work. ヾ(≧∇≦)

アリス: いつも可愛く描かれていて、感動しています!毎回新しい作品を見るのが楽しみですねヾ(≧∇≦)


T-ONO: You’ve worked with composer kz before your major debut. How was it working with him back then compared to now?


Clara: Everything was new for us back then, and kz-san taught us many things we didn’t know. I was much more nervous at the time.

クララ: 当時は、初めての事ばかりだったので戸惑っていたのですが、kzさんが分からない事など教えて下さいました。今と比べたら、とても緊張していました。

Alice: I was so nervous during our first recording session that I didn’t even know where I was supposed to stand (^^;) I was already really happy that kz-san wrote the lyrics and the music, but he also came on the day of our recording, and it was nice to hear his voice through the headphones giving directions and even him singing (*´∀`) I didn’t want to let go of my headphones. (。・・。)

アリス: 初めてのレコーディングでは、自分が何処に居れば良いのかも分からず、凄く緊張もしていたので…アタフタしていたと思います(^^;) 作詞・作曲がkzさんという事も凄く嬉しかったのですが、レコーディング当日、kzさんもいらっしゃって、ヘッドホンから指示する生声、そして生歌までも聞けて…幸せでした(*´∀`)ヘッドホン手放したくなかったです(。・・。)


Karen (left) and Tsukihi (right)T-ONO: Your music has been featured in several anime series. Among them is Nisemonogatari.  Now if ClariS were the Fire Sisters (Araragi sisters) from Nisemonogatari, which sister, Karen or Tsuhiki, would each of you identify with and why?


Clara: Tsukihi-chan. I think we are similar in the sense that she’s not so active and also not being able to control her feelings sometimes.

クララ: 月火ちゃんです。あまり行動派ではない所や、たまに自分の気持ちが爆発しちゃう所などが似ているのではないかなと思います。

Alice: I think Karen-chan… !? A staff member once told me, "Between Tsuhiki-chan and Karen-chan, you're more towards Karen-chan because you're energetic." so I guess I am (*・ω・)ノ

アリス: 火憐ちゃん…かなぁ!? 以前スタッフさんに、「アリスちゃんは火憐ちゃんと月火ちゃんだと、元気な感じだから、火憐ちゃんだね」と言われたので、そうなのかと思います(*・ω・)ノ


T-ONO: Nisemonogatari’s ending song “Naiho no Hanashi” was composed by ryo, but were you involved with the production process with ryo? (If so, what are you impressions?) And if you didn't have any opportunity working with him, how was it singing for song composed by ryo?

「偽物語」のエンディング曲『ナイショの話』ではsupercellのryoさんが曲を書いて下さっていますが、実際に制作過程でryo さんとお仕事する機会はあったのでしょうか?(そしてその感想は?)もし実際にはご一緒する機会がなかった場合は、ryoさんの曲を歌うことについての感 想を教えて下さい。

Clara: ryo-san was my secret idol so I couldn’t believe when I first heard about the opportunity. I’m really happy to be able to sing his song.

クララ: 私の中でryoさんは本当に憧れの人だったので、初めてお話を聞いたときは信じられませんでした。ryoさんの曲を歌わせて頂けて本当に嬉しかったです。

Alice: We didn’t get a chance to meet him, but I was singing and dancing to supercell’s "World is Mine" every day when it came out while I was elementary school so I was really excited [laughs]. When I first received the lyrics and saw ‘lyrics/music by ryo’, I had to repeat asking whether ryo meant the person from supercell (゜∀゜;

アリス: ご一緒する事はなかったのですが、小学校の頃、supercellさんのワールドイズマインを毎日歌って踊る程大好きだったので、興奮しましたww 初めて歌詞を頂いた時に『作詞・作曲『ryo』と書いてあるの見た時は、スタッフさんに「ryoって…supercellの!?!?」と何度も聞き返してしまいました(゜∀゜;


Ruri (left) and Kirino (right)T-ONO: We heard that ClariS made an appearance in the ninth volume of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai light novel. Were you aware about this collaboration ahead of time (Or did the author surprised you with your appearance in the light novel?) How did it feel when you learned about your appearances in the light novel?


Clara: We did hear about it beforehand but we didn't exactly know what our involvement were so it was kind of a surprise. It was very strange to see us in the novel. 

クララ: お話は事前に聞いていたのですが、どのような形で出させて頂くのかは知らなかったのでそこはサプライズだったかなと、思います。小説に私達が登場するなんて、とても不思議な感じでした。

Alice: Because we were to going to be in the ninth volume, we were able to meet and talk to Fushimi-san, the writer!! It was an amazing experience learning about the process of this story and even got an autograph. ☆彡

アリス: 9巻に登場するという事で、作者の伏見さんと実際にお会いして、お話しました!!俺の妹を製作する過程を直接聞く事が出来、更にサインを頂く事が出来、とても貴重な体験になりました☆彡


T-ONO: If the scene from the ninth volume gets animated in the future, would you be interested in voicing yourselves in the show?


Clara: I would love to do it but I think I’d be too shy.

クララ: やはりやってみたい気持ちもありますが、恥ずかしくて出来ないような気がします。

Alice: I think it would be very fun so I'd like to try it.  In the ninth volume, I will be like "Bam!!!, kick!!" to Kyousuke-san [laugh]

アリス: 楽しそうなので、是非やってみたいです!! 第9巻に登場している私は京介さんに…ワター!!!!キッーク!!という感じですかねwww


T-ONO: Currently your new single “Wake Up” is being aired on Moyashimon Returns. Can you tell us a little about this song?

新曲『Wake Up』がアニメの「もやしもん リターンズ」で起用されていますが、この曲はどういった曲か紹介してください。

Clara: It’s an up-tempo song that will make you feel uplifting.

クララ: 明るくて聞いているだけで元気がでるような、アップテンポの曲になってぃます。

Alice: It’s a girlie song about when you find someone you’re interested in, and not knowing what to do but still feeling nervous and excited at the same time. (〃'▽'〃) It's very up-tempo and bright song, so please try listening to it during your morning start♪

アリス: 気になる人が出来た時、どうしたらいいのか分からないけど、毎日ドキドキでハッピーになる、そんな女の子らしい詞になっています(〃'▽'〃) アップテンポでキラキラした感じの曲になっているので、是非、朝のスタートの時に聞いて頂きたいです♪


T-ONO: The lyric seems to be talking about a transition to a new lifestyle. Might this refer to your new enrollment in high school?


Clara: Yes, it’s been really exciting every day since high school started, and I’m listening to this song every day on my way to school.

クララ: はい。高校に入学してからの毎日楽しくてドキドキしている感じがとても共感出来て、私も毎日登校の時に聴いています。

Alice: I did imagine about that during recording. (^^) To memorize the song, I would listen to it when I was heading to school so I would remember the scene I saw then. ☆

アリス: レコーディング際、そういった事も想像しましたね(^^) 曲を覚えるのに、登校する時にも聴いていたので、特にその時の風景が思い浮かびました☆


T-ONO: Mayuko Maruyama composed and arranged for this song and four songs from your previous singles and album. Did you work with her in anyway with the lyrics?


Clara: We didn't write together but she really understands ClariS and I really like all of the songs.

クララ: 私達と一緒に作るという事はありませんが、丸山さんはとてもClariSの世界観を分かって下さっていて、どの曲もとても大好きです。

Alice: I heard that she has the best understanding of the image of ClariS. She always writes music for us that matches our feelings!

アリス: ClariSのイメージを一番よく分かってくれていると伺っています。いつも私達の気持ちにピッタリな曲を作ってくださいます!


T-ONO: Out of all the Moyashimon bacteria, which one are your favorites?


Clara: Oryzae. It was cute sitting on top of my head in our recent illustration.

クララ: オリゼーです。今回のイラストで私の頭の上に乗っていて可愛かったので。 moyashi

T-ONO: Can fans one day in the future hope to see ClariS perform live on stage?


Clara: We hope to sing in front of everybody someday so we’ll continue to practice singing.

クララ: いつかは皆さんの前で歌えたらなという想いはあるので、これからも歌をもっともっと練習していきます。

Alice: We hope to meet everybody someday. 

アリス: いつかは、皆さんにお会いしたいと思っています。


T-ONO: Are there any plans (projects or release) that you are working on that you can discuss with us?


Clara: We are singing the theme song to the theatrical version of Puella Magi Madoka Magica which will be released in theaters in the fall. This is our first time to be featured in a film so I’m already excited to listen to it in the theater.

クララ: 秋に公開になる、劇場版「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」の主題歌を歌わせて頂く事になりました。映画の主題歌は初めてなので今から劇場で聴くのが楽しみです。

Alice: I’m really happy to be able to get involved again followed from the TV anime series. ♪

アリス: TVアニメに引き続き、携わらせて頂けて幸せです♪


T-ONO: Lastly, a message to all your American and English speaking fans!


Clara: I’m really excited that our fans in America are able to listen to our album "BIRTHDAY." We, ClariS, will hope to practice and try hard to improve our song for everyone to listen too. It's a bit far, but please support us from America! Thank you so much for your support!

クララ: アメリカで 「BIRTHDAY」が発売されるということで、アメリカの皆さんに聞いて頂けるのを楽しみにしています。これからも私達ClariSはもっと良い歌を皆さんに届けられるよう頑張っていきますので、少し遠いですがアメリカから応援していて下さい!

Alice: Thank you always for the support (^^) I hope you can find your favorite song from our album♪ We will work harder with the two of us so please look after us.

アリス: いつも、応援ありがとうございます(^^) 「BIRTHDAY」の中の一曲でも、皆さんお気に入りの曲になると嬉しいです♪ これからも2人で頑張って行きますので、温かい目で見守っていて下さいね。

Interview by Theodore Mak and Ken Ohata. Special thanks to Ryu Takahashi.

Images copyrighted SME, NisiOisiN, Kodansha, Aniplex, Shaft.

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