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[Max Factory] 1/6 Morgon stars

Figure maker Max Factory unveiled Morgon from the Dark Stalkers series at their Won Hobby 9 event. She stans stunningly tall at 1/6 scale. Hopefully they will make Lilith also from the same series. She will be released later this year in July with an announced price tag.

More pictures inside.


Alter - Mega Hobby Winter Expo 2009 stars

Yoko, Fate, Nanoha, Shamal, Saber, and Sheryl are just a few of the new figures displayed by Alter at the Mega Hobby Winter Expo 2009. This is part one of our compilation coverage. As usual, we do not own any of the images, and they belong to their respective reporters/websites.

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Sources: akibahobby, moeyo, hobbystock


[Max Factory] Mikuru Grown Up stars

A surprise for the fans, this is the fourth Asahina Mikuru figure from the Melancholy of Haurhi Suzumiya made by Max Factory. The figure will come with 2 different faces with different expressions an interchangeable arm for her to expose the mole on the inside of her cleavage as seen in anime.

I don't believe she will be castoffable; however, if you look closely at the pictures you will notice something that appears to be a seamline on the inside of her shirt collar. My best bet would be that her shirt is probably made from stretchy material similar to the one found on Max Factory's Wendy figure from Gun X Sword.

[GSC] 1/8 Saber Lily (Pictures) stars

We reported previously about a Saber Lily figure from the new Playstation 2 game Fate/Unlimited Code, debuting at Comiket 75, and a splurge of prepainted pictures are up on Goodsmile's blog. Beautifully sculpted, it looks like she will come with 2 swords.

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Update: Goodsmile's page for her is up. She will retail for a wallet breaking 9,800 Yen and be released in June 2009. Price is probably reflective on her size, popularity, and probably additonal royalty fees made to the game maker, Capcom.

[GSC] 1/8 PVC Moka Akashiya stars

First unveiled at Comiket 75 as a no photography figure, a painted picture of Moka's unleashed form from the series Rosario + Vampire surfaced online.

She will be released in June 2009 by Goodsmile Company. Larger image inside.



[Alter] 1/8 scale Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4) stars

I'm pretty sure I saw this figure way back before Persona 4 was released in the United States, but while browsing amiami, I came across something interesting on the front page. Oddly enough the figure maker is listed as Atlus the game company itself. After a quick look, Alter does have this figure listed on their website listed under collaboration works.

The actual figure itself looks beautifully sculpted and definitely reminds of Alter's craftsmanship style. Probably my only complaint is the sculpt detail on the ends and the front of the hair. The right arm in proportion with the legs look a little off, but that could just be the camera angle. The figure comes with a removable fan and a pair of glasses.

The figure has been apparently released last month for 6,500 yen on Altus' webstore and probably will be available for purchase from figure retailers as various American stores already have preorders up.

More pictures of this figure inside.

Nendoroid Nagi (Kannagi) stars

A leaked picture of the Goodsmile Nendoroid figure, Nagi, from the series Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens appeared on 2chan.

She will be released in May 2009, full picture inside.



Comiket 75 Figure News stars

With the Winter Wonder Festival cancelled this year, Comiket 75 became the place for figure and hobby companies to showcase their goods for the new year. Goodsmile Company in the past had no photography policies on certain figures on display, but usually images of them surface online anyways. This time it seems they had a strict enforcement as we haven't seen any yet except of the name cards.

It appears Goodsmile will be making a 1/7 scale Saber "Lily version" figure from the recent Playstation 2 game Fate/Unlimited Codes. She will be released in June 2009. Also it seems Max Factory will be releasing a cheerleader figma of Mikuru Asahina and probably a cheerleader Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Another card shows that Goodsmile is working on something related to a Nagi figure from Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens most likely a Nendoroid.

Other notable figure includes a Nendoroid Kagami from Lucky Star cosplayed as Hatsune Miku, a 1/4 scale Nanoha figure by Gift, and a figure based off of one of Tony Taka's art.


Mitsurugi Meiya Figma stars

Max Factory announced on their figma blog that they will be releasing a figure of Mitsurugi Meiya from the Muv-Luv franchise. She will retail for 2,500 yen with no set release date yet.

More pictures from the age X nitro+ event inside.



3 New Gurren Lagann Revoltechs stars

In the latest issue of Hobby Japan Magazine, three new revoltechs are revealed: the Arc-Gurren Lagann, Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, and the Gurren itself from the popular mech anime Tengen no Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Only the unpainted prototype pictures are available inside.