May'n SF Concert Photos and Video Interview

May'n SF Concert Photos and Video Interview

After a spectacular performance in Los Angeles, Japanese popstar May Nakabayashi also known by her stage name as May'n, headed to her next location, Yoshi's Jazz Club and Japanese Restaurant in San Francisco on June 23, 2012. The concert was part of her world tour titled "ROCK YOUR BEATS."

The set list had a range of songs, some from her recent works including anime songs like "Chase the World" from Accel World, to "HEAT of the moment" from her latest album. For her last song, May'n specially chose to perform "Diamond Crevasse" for her American fans. May'n explained that this was one of her favorite songs that taught her how "music unite people as one."

Apart from the awesome performance, May'n surprisingly did most of her dialogues with the audience in English. Her English has improved significantly since her first American performance at Anime Expo in 2010. May'n mentioned while in San Francisco, she would like to ride a cable car and visit some of the locales that were featured from the anime series Macross Frontier including Haight-Ashbury, Market Street, and the places where Sheryl and Alto went on a date.

The concert officially ended when the lights came on and May'n attempted to thank each and every one of her fans individually by waving to each of them from the stage that lasted almost 13 minutes. May'n also met with fans and signed autographs for those who purchased the sold out VIP tickets at the meet and greet event right after the concert.

We were able to get a few minutes of her time to talk a little about her performance so make sure to check out the video below and our concert gallery!


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