May'n (中林 芽依) Backstage Chat @ Animelo 2009

May'n (中林 芽依) Backstage Chat @ Animelo 2009

May Nakabayashi, best known as May'n on stage, made her major break in 2008 as the singing voice of Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier. May'n returned to perform at this year's Animelo Summer Live, one of the largest anime themed concert, on August 22, 2009. Unfortunately due to scheduling issues, we were unable to arrange for a full interview. We were able to get a quick photoshoot and a few questions in briefly with her.

T-ONO: Please tell us about the work you have done thus far.


May'n: I have performed Sheryl Nome's songs from Macross Frontier as well as theme of "Shangri-La!"

I love meeting my fans at live performances, so I am performing in a lot of concert tours and events both here in Japan and abroad.




T-ONO: What are you doing right now and in the near future?


May'n: The "Macross Frontier" movie will be released in November! I hope to show another side to Sheryl in her songs.

I have several concerts planned overseas, but on Jan. 24, I will have my first solo live in Japan at the age of 20 in the Budokan arena (Martial Arts Hall)!




T-ONO: Why did you decide to become a singer? Also, what brought your opportunity to sing theme songs for anime?


May'n: I became a singer when I passed my management agency's audition.

And I was selected to sing an anime song when Yoko Kanno, the music producer of "Macross Frontier" heard my singing.




T-ONO: Are there any Japanese or American artists that have had an impact on you?


May'n: Kylie Minogue and Madonna. I look up to them for always being at the head of the times and creating their own trends.



T-ONO: Were you excited about going to sing and meet fans at AniSama?


Thumbnail imageMay'n: Of course!

I see everyone's faces when I sing during live concerts, so the songs change each time. That's why I love concerts!

All of my fans' energy at the concert turns into my energy for the next day, and I want to have that kind of effect on everyone too!




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