[Anime] Code Geass Season 2 Leaked Screens? stars

 A short while ago, as of this posting, a user of 2chan , a Japanese posting board, uploaded several digital camera snapshots of a computer monitor apparently playing Code Geass Season 2. Whether they are from an actual episode, most likely the first episode, or from an unreleased teaser trailer is currently unknown. 

 For those who have never watched or finished season 1, I suggest you stop reading here, else click read more for the full article and pictures!

We will be monitoring this as the story unfolds. 

UPDATE: So it appears that the these screens were taken from a DVD trailer found in a magazine released on the 25th.  

[Site] Site Progress stars

Some quick updates. the comment system has been revamped. Much cleaner, and you can add a comment without registering.
Currently cleaning up the 'add entry' page for the network items. Only registered members may add stores, and post reviews.
Also in the process of merging the forums with the current login system. What will probably happen is that all past members from the forums will have to re-register. Current members who have registered through this main site will have to do nothing, as they will automatically have access to the forums and gallery.

Time of Eve stars

 Studio Rikka, the producer of Pale Cocoon , is coming back with a new film on January 8, 2008, titled Time of Eve.

Click "read more" for the translations. 

Gundam Expo 2007 stars

 Can't believed I missed this, else I would've flew over there and covered it, but apparently Bandai held the Gundam over in Hong Kong from December 14 to January 8.

It seems it's part of Bandai's tour to promote themselves in other Asian countries.  

 Check out blogger Zer0's page for his full coverage

[Site] Version 2.0 Live stars

As a Christmas present we decided to officially launch ver. 2.0 for public viewing. We've worked out most of the kinks, but there are still some issues with formatting. Should be corrected in the next few days. Been moving content over from the old version which is still accessible at www.t-ono.net/oldindex1.php
Hopefully we'll be able to have our official grand opening by New Years. Wink

[Site] Version 2.0 Beta stars

Welcome to the new look for The-O Network Online! Took us a while to migrate everything, but well this is it. We will be running tests and

what not on the site for a couple of weeks. We still also have to move all the previous news from the old version.

Feel free to subscribe to our new RSS Feed, and check back often. We will make another announcement when we are officially ready to open to the public.