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I apologize for the lack of updates, I am currently away out of the country on business (related to the site Tongue out). I'll have a full report on my travels after, highlights include visiting 1/6 scale figure maker Hot Toys' main store, and a look at the self proclaimed "Akihabara 2" located in none other than Hong Kong!

Final testing are under way and our new relaunched Network will be live soon.
Stay tuned. 

Post WHF 2008/Figures to Watch Out For (Part 1) stars

Ringing in the new year with tons of new figures announcements from Winter Hobby Festival, we've compiled a short list here of figures that you should keep an eye on.

Images courtesy of moeyo.com and akibahobby.net

[Site] Upgrade Version 2.1 Downtime stars

We are currently experimenting with new components for Version 2.1 of the website so expect some downtime or odd CSS layout issues until we are finished with upgrading the site. .

For those who are lucky, you might be able to spot Version 3.0 test build. Foot in mouth

[Site] Site Slowdowns/Wondercon stars

We will be migrating all our news over to a new posting system soon, and we apologize for the delay in news. Should be done within the next few days. If you're curious, click on "Test" on the top nav bar to see what it looks like.

Our WonderCon 2008 report has been delayed while we're waiting on one of our reporters to finish his compositions (yes you know who you are, TURN IT IN for editing already!). Will have something up about it soon. Quick highlights: Iron Man looks awesome based from the 8 minute clip and 3 minute trailer shown, go watch it. Starship Troopers is back for a third film, yes it's been hinted over and over again that there will be powersuits; budget for film supposedly more expensive than the second, not really saying much from the movie clips. A second X-Files movie is under production, wow the actors really haven't aged that much. The new Appleseed film, which a lot of you probably already have seen through online fansubs, looks amazing (yes no more eye blinding reflective freeways). Lastly, a new  horror suspense ghost film, Shutter, produced by an American studio but directed and filmed by a Japanese crew.  Again, stay tuned for that indepth report!

Girl Gamer Statistics stars

The debate for actual girl gamers have raged on in recent years, especially with the rise of portable gaming like the Nintendo DS, and online juggernauts like World of Warcraft. Apparently in a recent study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association,  38% of all gamers are female predominantly playing the DS, The Sims, or MMOs. Girls average 7.5 hours every week playing games.

Interesting, no?  

Source: dbtechno 

Wonder Festival Winter 2008 stars

 That's right folks, it's that time of the year again, and the Wonder Festival Winter 2008 is about to begin on February 24! Just like in the past , we will be updating continuously on the latest news from the event.

Make sure to come back frequently and check THIS post for updates!

Please remember, we take absolutely no credit for any of the reports or pictures, we are simply organizing them all together conveniently in one place.

Also stay tuned for our top Winter WF 08 PVC figures coming soon!

Mabinogi released in US stars


From 10am PST February 23rd to 10am PST February 25th, Mabinogi servers will be open to public for stability testing. Characters created during this time will be deleted when open beta test starts on March 1, 2008.

[Anime] Spring 08 Anime List stars

 A preliminary list for new anime titles coming next season, Spring 2008 is out. Currently there are 34 confirmed titles, with more to come.

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