Japanese Breast Size Simulator stars


For the discerning breast oggler or those obsessed with the measurements of the fairer sex, The Oppai (Breast) Maker is the perfect (and very NSFW) little time waster.

Simply type in a Japanese girl's name and the site produces an image of her "assets" in fine manga-esque form. Creative (and brave) types might want to try something besides a female name and put the site's magical software (assumed to function on the energy of fairies and chipmunks) to work.
By the way, the mammaries you see in the title image were generated by entering the name Asuka Fujimori (藤森明日香). Give it a go and see what you come up with.
Source: Tokyo Times

Capcom asks: Which Street Fighter IV Figures do you want? stars

SFIVThe stand-up people at Cacom USA want to give us cool Street Fighter IV figures, but are unable to produce the ENTIRE cast of characters in beautiful pvc form. They can't decide which characters will get the figure treatment, so this is where we, the fans, come in. Capcom USA is asking the gaming community to vote for their top three favorite SF IV characters. That's right, We get to decide!  Who will you choose? Will you stick with classic Street Fighter stalwarts, or choose the new kids on the block? Let yourself be heard, drop your votes over at the  Capcom blog.

Source: Kotaku  

Gainax @ FanimeCon 2008 Update stars

 We have dug up new confirmed information in regards to Gainax's appearance. Tony, a FanimeCon Forum Administrator and MusicFest Head, said,

"Ok, I'm told we have some really interesting guests coming from GAINAX, and a lot of them, but they themselves have requested not to publicize the details. They should be in the program guide. In any case, we're planning a lot of events with them, so there will be ample opportunity to get your GAINAX fix..."

Marie, Assistant Director of Marketing for FanimeCon responded to Tony's comment,
"Think of it as a gift. You don't know what it's going to be, but when you open it, you know it's going to be awesome! And you're not the only one who's going to be surprised. Not even staff knows who exactly is going to show up. So let's be surprised together!"
 You can find our previous post on this subject here .

First Official Dragonball Movie Promotional Image stars

goku chatwinHere's a low quality scan (perfect for a low quality flick. I kid, I kid) of the Dragonball promo image featured in Shonen Jump #12. To view the full image, click "read more", or here . A few details can be glanced from the text on the promo:



"I’ll grant you a wish…!!

Rumor after rumor but [now] Dragonball live action movie finally comes true!
Director James Wong of Final Destination, and producer the revolutionary film maker Stephen Chow of Shaolin Soccer. Remarkable casts are Son Goku is Justin Chatwin who played Tom Cruise’s son in Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds, and Master Roshi is Chow yun-fat of Pirates of the Caribbean.

All Dragonball fan’s wish are granted now ! We will continue to offer new information to you on Jump Cinema Island !"


 Take from that what you will. I'll reserve further comments (save one: Chatwin Goku's hair doesn't look half bad) until we at least get a trailer. For more info on the Dragonball movie, check out its official movie blog

Source: Kotaku  

Speed Racer Movie Bombs in Box Office. Lesson to be learned? stars

speed racerSpeed Racer, the live-action adaptation of the classic pseudo-anime helmed by the Wachowski bros, closed it's weekend opening at a heartbreaking $20 million. In retrospect, it probably wasn't a great idea to attempt a coup against the juggernaut that is Iron Man just a week after that films' bow. Iron Man, in comparison, took in $50 million this weekend and succeeded in dominating the box office two weeks in a row (and sitting pretty at $150+ million domestically). Warner Brothers' $180 million nostalgia trip looks to be in trouble, especially when you consider the list of summer big-hitters releasing in mere weeks (*cough* Indiana Jones). While no one anticipated Speed Racer to overtake Iron Man, experts still estimated at least a $40 mil take in, so the results are made even more painful. So what is the reason behind the flop? Poor marketing? Crap reviews? Recession? Or maybe it's because live-action adaptations of old cartoons just don't work (Scooby Doo, Underdog, etc.). Who knows. 

If you still have an urge to watch Speed Racer, check out the first 7 minutes here before plopping down your hard earned green-backs. 

Video courtesy of Yahoo! 

Lucky Star Figma by Max Factory stars

lucky star figma"Oha-Lucky!" The lovely ladies of Lucky Star charm their way into the  Figma line by Max Factory, to the surprise of possibly no one. Let's cross our fingers for Akira-san and Shiraishi-san, hosts of the ubiquitous Lucky Channel, to get the Figma treatment down the line. Hit the jump for a larger version of the title image. (Click "read more")
Source: DannyChoo