AX Announcements: Key Notes and "Sneak Peek" Vids stars

ax A couple press releases from AX hit the air today: First off, they announced the 3rd annual SPJA Industry Conference with inclusive key notes and panels, at which we'll see reps from SPJA, Japan External Trade Organization, FUNimation, and Crunchy Roll. Among the keynote speakers/panelists: Trulee Karahashi (CEO SPJA), Shigeru Kimura (Chiefe Executive Director JETO), Gen Fukunaga (CEO FUNimation), and Vu Nguyen (VP of Business-Development Crunchy Roll).
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Promo Trailer for New Macross Short Film "All That VF" Streamed stars

Allthatvf A cool little promotional trailer for a new short film titled All That VF has sprung up on the official website for Macross Frontier (Viewable in 1mb or 500kb bandwidth). All That VF assembles the myriad variable fighters from the history of the Macross anime franchise, probably to do battle and fly around in an awesome and stylish fashion. An ID code included with both the Macross Frontier Volume 1 Blu-Ray Disc and the Macross Zero Blu-Ray Disc Box (releasing July and August, respectively) will allow owners to watch the complete short film online. 
Now if you'll excuse me I have some catching up to do in Macross Frontier.
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Gainax's Gurren Lagann Music Clip Project - First Video Available stars

Gurren Lagann is back! Well, not in its entirety but in a very cool form nonetheless. The video above is the first part of eight in a series of music videos produced by Gainax titled Gurren Lagann Parallel Works. Each video contains brand new animation bolstered by the rad music from Gurren Lagann. The first clip sees our heroes in a fantasy setting complete with swords and Ganmen-like monsters with the Dai-Gurren-Dan theme (Rap is a Man's Soul) pumping in the background.
I loved seeing the Gurren Lagann guys again, and having the adult Simon on screen with Kamina causes a paradox so awesome that it made me go all Keanu Reeves with excitement: "Whoa." 
GL fans, if you haven't had your nerd-gasm yet today, then hurry up and watch the video! Why are you still reading this? 
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Third Bleach movie listed for December release in Japan stars

bleachJapanese movie distributor TOHO put out a December listing for the third Bleach flick. Noriyuki Abe, the director of the Bleach television series as well as the previous two films, will direct the new Bleach movie. No cast has been announced with the exception of Masakazu Morita, who will return as series protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki.
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AX and Interimixi "Getaway to Japan" Sweepstakes stars

ax 08Anime Expo and Intermixi Japan Tours are giving one lucky Jyukai Concert premium ticket holder at Anime Expo 2008 an all-expense paid ultimate trip to Japan. 
The winner will choose one of three Intermixi sponsored tours: The "Kame Hame Kansai" tour hits up various locales in Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo while the "Neo-Tokyo" tour takes you to the Tokyo Anime Fair, among other sensational spots in Tokyo. Lastly, the "Tokyo Game Show" tour brings you to one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world: the Tokyo Game Show.
More info and the full press release here
I've always wanted to go to TGS, especially since E3 died limited attendence

Ghost in the Shell Remastered and Re-released - New Promo Video stars

gits remasteredThe original Ghost in the Shell is getting remastered, and not only that, a limited re-release in five (count 'em, 5) Japanese theaters on July 12. The newly enhanced Mamoru Oshii cyberpunk masterpiece, titled Ghost in the Shell 2.0, will be revamped with CG and a new soundtrack overseen by Skywalker Sound. In addition, most of the original voice cast will return to reprise their roles in a new 6.1 surround sound recording. Yoshiko Sakakibara (Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence) will play the Puppet Master, a character voiced by Iemasu Kayumi (RahXephon) in the original film.
A promo trailer for GitS 2.0 can be found on the official Japanese website of Mamoru Oshii's newest film The Sky Crawlers, which itself opens on August 2nd.
I'm crossing my fingers for a Blu-Ray release of the enhanced GitS flick. Please?
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Fish Hentai for the Discerning Hentai Enthusiast stars

fish fishYes, there is fish hentai swimming around on the internet - Salmon hentai to be exact. I'm not surprised, it was just a matter of time (I'm just glad it's just fish. I don't think I'd be able to handle cephalopods).
The fairly brief story follows the seduction of a student fish by his (obviously sexy) tutor fish. Explicit fish frolicking ensues. Very hot.
If the above description (or the title image for that matter) wasn't repugnant enough to scare you away, read the rest here .
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'Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu new animation' - New Scans stars

haruhi 2Canned Dogs has a bevy of scans of the new Haruhi project from the latest Newtype. Apparently, Haruhi's return should not be considered a 2nd season in the traditional sense. Titled “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu new animation”, the new series will be just that: a completely new series. Hoping not to retread on the same ol' same ol' Haruhi, the production team wanted to do a complete refresh on the Haruhi concept and story, that of which at this time they're still trying to figure out.
Oooh, Haruhi with long hair.