[Figure] Medicom Toy Exhibition 2008 stars

meditoyex Medicom brought out the big guns at their Toy Exhibition this weekend in Japan, and judging by their list of projects, they're dipping their brush in a wide palette of colors, bringing to the canvas a varied range of figure licenses such as Star Wars, Dragon Ball Z, Metal Gear Solid 4, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones, and much much more. While known for their 1/6 scale premium action figures, Medicom also produces smaller action figures as well as Lego-esque Kubricks and Bearbricks.
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Lucky Star OVA Delayed Until September stars

ovaThe Lucky Star OVA has been pushed back a month (or so), from August 29th to September 26th, at least that's what retailers have been told.
Well shoot, there goes my entire summer. Dammit!

Wave's 1/8 scale Space Yoko stars

 Akibahobby today posted preview shots of figure maker Wave's 1/8 scale space Yoko. The paint job and sculpt looks really clean, a definite plus, but I am not a real fan of the figure's proportions. Wave will also be releasing a limited edition version with Yoko's cape being clear. Both versions will retail for 6,600 yen and be released in late October 2008.

As you can guess, hobby news are back!

Summer 2008 Anime Preview stars

{multithumb}Image What better way to spend start your summer vacation than with some new anime airing this season?

AX Announcements: Key Notes and "Sneak Peek" Vids stars

ax A couple press releases from AX hit the air today: First off, they announced the 3rd annual SPJA Industry Conference with inclusive key notes and panels, at which we'll see reps from SPJA, Japan External Trade Organization, FUNimation, and Crunchy Roll. Among the keynote speakers/panelists: Trulee Karahashi (CEO SPJA), Shigeru Kimura (Chiefe Executive Director JETO), Gen Fukunaga (CEO FUNimation), and Vu Nguyen (VP of Business-Development Crunchy Roll).
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Promo Trailer for New Macross Short Film "All That VF" Streamed stars

Allthatvf A cool little promotional trailer for a new short film titled All That VF has sprung up on the official website for Macross Frontier (Viewable in 1mb or 500kb bandwidth). All That VF assembles the myriad variable fighters from the history of the Macross anime franchise, probably to do battle and fly around in an awesome and stylish fashion. An ID code included with both the Macross Frontier Volume 1 Blu-Ray Disc and the Macross Zero Blu-Ray Disc Box (releasing July and August, respectively) will allow owners to watch the complete short film online. 
Now if you'll excuse me I have some catching up to do in Macross Frontier.
Source: ANN

Gainax's Gurren Lagann Music Clip Project - First Video Available stars

Gurren Lagann is back! Well, not in its entirety but in a very cool form nonetheless. The video above is the first part of eight in a series of music videos produced by Gainax titled Gurren Lagann Parallel Works. Each video contains brand new animation bolstered by the rad music from Gurren Lagann. The first clip sees our heroes in a fantasy setting complete with swords and Ganmen-like monsters with the Dai-Gurren-Dan theme (Rap is a Man's Soul) pumping in the background.
I loved seeing the Gurren Lagann guys again, and having the adult Simon on screen with Kamina causes a paradox so awesome that it made me go all Keanu Reeves with excitement: "Whoa." 
GL fans, if you haven't had your nerd-gasm yet today, then hurry up and watch the video! Why are you still reading this? 
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Third Bleach movie listed for December release in Japan stars

bleachJapanese movie distributor TOHO put out a December listing for the third Bleach flick. Noriyuki Abe, the director of the Bleach television series as well as the previous two films, will direct the new Bleach movie. No cast has been announced with the exception of Masakazu Morita, who will return as series protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki.