Salvador Mateos

Salvador Mateos

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness Launch Party @ Anime Expo 2016 stars

On Saturday July 2nd Square Enix had the Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness launch party at Anime Expo 2016. The event took place at lounge 21 and you had to be 21+ to attend. The line for this event was long but didn’t take long to get inside.

Maidreamin Impressions @ Anime Expo 2016 stars

When someone says Akihabara what comes to mind? Among those answers somewhere would have to be Maid Café. When once upon a time to have a real experience of a maid café you once would have to fly to Akihabara but not anymore during Anime Expo 2016 Akihabara maids came to us. This year Anime Expo invited Special Unit: 003 from Maidreamin the No.1 Maid Café restaurant in Akihabara.

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (PC) Review stars

The first time I heard of the Senran Kagura series and its jiggle physics I said ok, this review will be a hit or miss. For those that are unfamiliar, the Senran Kagura series has games available on the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, and PC, ranging from fighting games to cooking games - think cooking mama but with an ecchi spin. From those titles we now get Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus from XSEED for PC originally for the PS Vita it now is available for the PC and is the third game in the series.

Future of Mobile Gaming a panel by KICK 9 at Fanime 2016 stars

With most people owning a smartphone nowadays, it is easy to see how free-to-play games on mobile devices are on the rise and how common they really are. Some might argue that games like Candy Crush and Brave Frontier with its micro-transactions is not a real game, you have to admit that they help that work/school commute that much easier. Recently, we have seen the increase of big titles such as Final Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, and the Walking Dead make their way to the mobile gaming platform - making it hard not to pay attention to this newish genre of games. Well this year at Fanime a panel titled “Future of Mobile Gaming” by Kick9 caught our attention and we decided to attend to see what information it had to offer.

Is VR Taking Over E3 stars

This year at E3 2016, one of the biggest announcements from Sony Entertainment was their release of the PSVR (Playstation Virtual Reality) headset that will work with not only the Playstation 4, but with a number of virtual reality games that were also announced during E3. 

E3 Impressions: Killing Floor 2 stars

We managed to get a sneak peak at the new upcoming game, Killing Floor 2, with the developers from Tripwire Interactive. Killing floor 2 is a first person horror shooter game that takes place a month after the events of the first game. 

Meet Sekai Project's New Mascot stars

Sekai Project is celebrating their third year as a publisher and licenser this year. So how did they celebrate you ask, well they didn't go to Disneyland or maybe they did I didn't ask. But what I do know is that they revealed their first company mascot and her name is Sena Aozora. Sena-chan is 19 years old and loves to travel, sing, and stargaze but you can find out more about her below.

Anthem of the Heart (anime) Review stars

On November 1, 2015 Aniplex premiered Anthem of the Heart - Beautiful Word, Beautiful World in North America and Los Angeles was the first place to see the film. Coming from the same staff that brought us Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day, it’s easy to go into the film expecting all sorts of feels. However, before you go and buy tissues, just wait and keep reading.

Backstage Interview with Momoiro Clover Z & KISS @ Anime Expo 2015 stars

On July 2, 2015 we attended a backstage interview and photo session with Momoiro Clover Z (Momoclo) and the group KISS. This was right before Momoclo took the stage for their concert and KISS would join them to receive the prestigious 2015 “Special Commissioner’s Award” from Japan’s International Short Shorts Asian Film Festival for their music video "Yumeno Ukiyoni Saitemina" in which Sushio from the anime studio Trigger worked on by designing the characters in the animated version of the music video.

Gacharic Spin Interview @ JPOP 2015 stars

At first sight you might think these girls are your every day idol group. In reality, these girls rock out on stage with their instruments as Gacharic Spin. Their upbeat and energetic music lead their song, "Don't Let Me Down" to be featured in the seventh ending theme song for Dragonball Kai. Hear what they had to say as we talk to them about their first appearance at J-POP Summit Festival in San Francisco.  

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