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Touly is currently a correspondent of The-O Network. His hobbies include attending conventions, photography, watching anime, and playing games. He is also studying game design, animation, and programming. He embraces Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica on a religious level.

Shining Series Gets Its Fighting Game On stars

So you have played inserts from Sega's tactical role-playing series Shining. But have you ever considered duking it out in a 2D fighting environment with some of your favorite characters from the franchise? If not, then consider Sega's newest fighting game experience Blade Arcus. Expecting to hit Japanese arcades later this summer, players will be able to do fight each other on-screen, pitting familiar and new Shining characters not only against one another but also in a new light of battle.

Sac Anime Winter 2014 stars

sac anime winter 2014 web 001

Sac Anime has grown to be a formidable event for convention goers here in the capital city of California. With its gradual transition to the convention center as a mean to accommodate for the increasing number of attendees and activities every year, the experience is, without a doubt, getting bigger and better. The-O Network had the chance to visit Sac Anime earlier this year, sensing its bright future then and that which is to come.

Theatrical Release of 3rd Madoka Magica Film in U.S. and Canada Announced stars

madoka magica rebellion 001

Madoka Magica fans in North America, embrace yourself. Aniplex of America recently dropped the word that the third and final Madoka Magica film (Gekijō-ban Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica Shinpen: Hangyaku no Monogatari) will be making its theatrical debut in the U.S. and Canada starting on December 6th. With a brand new story arc and a new magical girl being added to the universe, excitement is buzzing all around for the movie.

Noriyuki Iwadare – A Live Performance at Japan Expo USA stars

Noriyuki Iwadare with his band

Japan Expo, a festival showcasing Japanese culture that annually takes place in Paris, France, recently made its debut in the United States. Known as Japan Expo USA, it was held at the Santa Clara Convention in Santa Clara, California from August 23rd to the 25th. Among the many international guests who made the trip oversea, renown video game composer Noriyuki Iwadare made quite an impression – particularly in terms of his concert.

PlayStation 4 Launches in November stars

sony playstation 4 003

Some people expected a late December launch. To those, including myself, we were wrong - that is, wrong in the right way. Mark your calendar, folks, because Sony's next gaming console, the PlayStation 4, has a release date.

Ultra Street Fighter IV - The New Battleground stars

ultra street fighter iv web 001

Street Fighter IV has come a long way since being released back in 2009. The continuous support from Capcom has enabled the game to evolve, having gone through three major updates (i.e. Super Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV: AE, and Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012). To maintain the momentum, Capcom, at this year's EVO (the biggest fighting game tournament in the world), revealed its next installment for the Street Fighter IV series. Known as Ultra Street Fighter IV, the game will have new contents that should appease fans of old and new.

fripSide to Perform Second Opening to A Certain Scientific Railgun S stars

fripSide web image 001

A second opening to the anime series A Certain Scientific Railgun S has been confirmed. Performed by no other than fripSide, the musical duo's seventh single entitled "eternal reality" will mark, yet, another contribution of theirs to the Railgun brand.

PlayStation 4 - A Welcoming Standard stars


Plenty was revealed at Sony's press conference at E3. But without a doubt the most anticipated news revolved around the company's next generation console - the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Promised to be shown for the first time, how would the aesthetic design of the external hardware fair? How about the price of the system? Would it be competitive with Microsoft's Xbox One and be reasonable for consumers? As I awaited the start of the conference, eying a laptop screen from my living quarters, my adrenaline was already running high to say the least. And as things unraveled throughout the evening, my state of enthusiasm from the get-go had complimentary reasons to be so. Read more.

Guilty Gear Xrd in the Works stars


gaming-news guilty-gear-xrd1

Recently announced by Arc System Works, Guilty Gear Xrd Sign is the next installment of the hard rock, anime-style fighting game series. It will be breaking new grounds in the Guilty Gear series by introducing a 3D engine into the mix. By taking advantage of Epic Games' Unreal Engine, the aim, presumably, will be to enhance the experience of the Guilty Gear brand. Escalating it towards greater heights of aesthetic and gameplay quality.

Review: Ultimate Madoka (Good Smile Company) Figure stars

Originally scheduled to be released in November 2012, this lovely Good Smile Company 1/8th scaled Ultimate Madoka PVC figure was finally given the green light late into December. If you were one of the lucky individuals who got a hold of one, or dare I say two, around that time, it surely was a great way to ring in the New Year. But for those, including myself, who had to wait a little longer through the days of 2013 for the goddess to grace our sanctuary, I can honestly say that it did not disappoint.

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