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Gods Eater Burst Review stars

Gods Eater Burst stands out amongst its monster hunting, Arcana touting brethren with its anime-like visuals and character designs. Instead of monsters, players hunt Aragami beasts in Gods Eater Burst, which roughly translates to the same thing, so players know what they’re getting themselves into. Beyond that though, the gameplay offers little that players haven't seen before and is a mediocre game at best.

Win a Set of Gods Eater Burst Figures! stars

We have another contest for you here at The-O Network! This time, you can win a full set of nine Gods Eater Burst ceramic figures! To enter, please respond to the following: How would you survive the Gods Eater universe using its weapons, technology, and resources? Best commenter wins! Contest deadline is March 10 and winners must be in North America. For images of the figures, click on the jump.

(Hopefully) To Infinity And Beyond stars

In an era when home gaming and online play dominate, the arcade is definitely suffering. Among them is Arcade Infinity, or AI, one of the premiere arcades in Southern California that specializes in importing the most update games and keeping them in tip-top shape. Originally slated to close for good this past Saturday, AI hosted a final farewell party. Due to several generous parties, however, AI was saved and the farewell became a celebration instead.

One Last Hurrah For Marvel VS Capcom 2 stars

Ten years after its initial release, Marvel VS Capcom 2 is about to be retired in favor of its sequel. However, before players hang up the towel, two exceptional players got together for one amazing showdown. Clockw0rk, known as a veteran and for playing an amazing team of Strider, Sentinel, and Dr. Doom, played against Neo, an up and coming player who has been taking down top players one after another, in a race to 15 wins with over $15,000 on the line. Hit the jump for the last great match of this ten year old game. Are there any notable gameplay videos you guys think are comparable to this one in terms of hype?

(Warning: Video contains some NSFW language.)


Get Even Closer to Love Plus stars

Popular love simulator Love Plus is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Aside from the game being shown in 3-D, not much else is known at the moment. From the trailer, it seems that there might even be a screenshot feature during encounters with the girls? It seems that the Konami conference is still going on at the moment, so we’ll keep you posted. Trailer after the jump.

More Street Fighter 4 Costumes stars

New costumes will be coming Super Street Fighter 4 fans’ ways this October via downloadable content.  This will be the third set of alternate costumes that fans can download, with one set released for Street Fighter 4 and another for Super Street Fighter 4’s release. Notable designs include M. Bison’s costume, which is an allusion to Mobile Suit Gundam’s Char Aznable, Chun Li’s Street Fighter Alpha throwback, and Cody’s orange jumpsuit. The last set of costumes cost about $3.99 on Playstation Network or 320 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 per pack. With 35 characters, that'll come out to seven packs. Shots and video after the jump.

Zombies and Bikinis Together on PSP stars

OneChanbara, D3’s  series famous for combining zombies and scantily clad women, is heading to the PSP in Japan later this winter. The new game, OneChanbara Special, will feature missions that players can cooperatively tackle wirelessly. Players can choose from four different characters: Aya, Saki, Reiko Anna, and Misery. So far, only Aya and Saki have been released in screenshots. More after the jump.

So What If Japan’s Behind?


Recently, Capcom’s Kenji Inafune stated that Japan’s gaming industry is “five years behind” the west. I look at the games that Japan’s pumping out and can’t help but agree. Even games that I’ve been personally hyped up about, like Vanquish and Asura’s Wrath, seem like they’ve been done before or just recreations of games from western developers. But the key question is this: is that really a bad thing?


Duodecim Heads West 2011 stars

Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy is confirmed for a 2011 US release. No specific date was released beyond that, but it’s good to hear that the game will be released in the same year in both US and Japan. A simultaneous release would be too much to ask, given Square Enix’s track record of slowly translating games for the western market.

[Source: 1UP.com]

A Simple Soccer Game For Everyday Fun!

Torrance, CA (September 20, 2010) – Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment products, announces the sport title Everyday Soccer for the Nintendo DSiWare™ service.
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