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GameStop Expo 2016 Impression stars

This year GameStop Expo 2016 was held on September 14th at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. I attended this one-day event to check out some of the games that we didn’t have time to play at E3 or PAX. As with E3 this year, the emphasis revolved around VR and there plenty of opportunities to try out VR at GameStop Expo. GameStop Expo has a different feel than any other gaming convention I’ve attended so far.

PlayStation 4 Launches in November stars

sony playstation 4 003

Some people expected a late December launch. To those, including myself, we were wrong - that is, wrong in the right way. Mark your calendar, folks, because Sony's next gaming console, the PlayStation 4, has a release date.

Team ICO HD Collection Confirmed stars

Team ICO's Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are confirmed for an HD re-release on Playstation 3. No word yet on any changes, pricing, or whether the two titles will come to the US, but the original report seems to show that the games will be individually sold, rather than as a bundle as rumored. Originally, the games did not get much commercial success, so while it had a large cult following, many gamers have no tried or even heard of either game. Hopefully with this release, Team ICO will get more acclaim and lead to a larger commercial success for The Last Guardian, the development team's next game.

UPDATE: Both games will be available in 3D, according to Sony's Press Conference for Tokyo Game Show. Both the US and European release will be on one disc, although there's no word yet on the Japanese release.

A Chance to Date AKB48 stars

Konami will be releasing a new love simulator for the Playstation Portable that pits players against the girls of AKB48. AKB1/48 Idol to Koishitara, or loosely translated to AKB1/48 If I Loved an Idol, allows players to pick their favorite AKB48 girls to become their girlfriends. No word yet on gameplay specifics, but expect over 10,000 pictures of girls, 80 minutes of the girls swooning over you, and full voice-overs. The game is set for a December 23 release. More info inside.

Valkyria Chronicles 3 To Be Announced stars

Due to a technical error, Valkyria Chronicles 3’s appearance at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) was revealed early. By replacing different scheduling images on the TGS website the words "Valkyria Chronicles 3: Voice Actor Announcement and Game Presentation" appears. There is no doubt now that there will be another sequel for the series. As of now, since only the presentation has been revealed, there’s no word on the platform as of yet. More after the break.

UPDATE: Valkyria Chronicles 3 will be on the Playstation Portable.

Japan Reveals New PS3 SKUs stars

Starting July 29, new white and black 160GB PS3 and black 320GB PS3s will be available in Japan. These will retail for ¥29,980 ($342) and ¥34,980 ($399) respectively. The white PS3 is certainly good news because there’s no indication that it is a limited run, which will open it up for people who want to buy systems in different colors but not want a decal that says “Final Fantasy XIII” on it. The slowly increasing hard drive size is becoming a bit of a nuisance, considering that few things can actually take up the 120GB on current models, much less the 160GB or 320GB that will be available. Considering that the old models will be replaced by the newer models, however, at least consumers won’t have to pay extra and a lucky few can even snag the remaining older models at discounted prices. No word yet on a US release.

[Source: GameSpot]

E3 Dead Nation Impressions stars

Brought to us by the same brilliant minds that created Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation brings us more of the same gameplay that enthralled gamers when it first hit PSN in 2007. This time, the game takes an adventure approach to game progression, pitting players against a city of zombies rather than just endless waves. The-O Network Online checked it out at E3; read our thoughts after the jump.

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