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[Anime] 3rd New Code Geass R2 Trailer stars

 After the news of the DVD Magazine trailer released last week, it appears a 3rd trailer for Code Geass has been released. Found while searching for a higher resolution 2nd trailer. 

[Anime] More Code Geass Season 2 Trailer Shots stars

 The magazine in question mentioned in the previous post turns out to be DVD Magazine II found while searching on yesasia (product link page can be found here).

A brief discription of the story for season 2 can be found in the magazine. Supposedly, it has been approximately a year since the events of season 1 with no sign of Zero. Several new characters are said to appear including Rollo, a new boy in the school seen in previous magazine features (you can also find him in the screenshots ahead).

In the scene with Kallen dressed in a bunny suit, pictured in the previous post and in this one, it is rumored that Kallen may be working in a casino where the king is staying.

A few new pictures and the older images included, but now in better quality. Click "read more"! 

[Anime] Code Geass Season 2 Leaked Screens? stars

 A short while ago, as of this posting, a user of 2chan , a Japanese posting board, uploaded several digital camera snapshots of a computer monitor apparently playing Code Geass Season 2. Whether they are from an actual episode, most likely the first episode, or from an unreleased teaser trailer is currently unknown. 

 For those who have never watched or finished season 1, I suggest you stop reading here, else click read more for the full article and pictures!

We will be monitoring this as the story unfolds. 

UPDATE: So it appears that the these screens were taken from a DVD trailer found in a magazine released on the 25th.  

Time of Eve stars

 Studio Rikka, the producer of Pale Cocoon , is coming back with a new film on January 8, 2008, titled Time of Eve.

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