[Gaming] Mabinogi: Heroes stars

   ImageMabinogi: Heroes will be another Korean MMO releasing soon in Spring 2008; however, this will be an action MMO running Value's famed Half-life Source engine!
From what we have seen so far, the game looks incredible as it appears to resemble an action hack and slash console game than a PC MMO. Environments are fully interactive, objects are destructible and can be picked up.

We were able to locate the high resolution trailer video. Right click the link and save as.
Mabinogi: Heroes Trailer 720p (1280x720)

[Site] Version 2.0 Beta stars

Welcome to the new look for The-O Network Online! Took us a while to migrate everything, but well this is it. We will be running tests and

what not on the site for a couple of weeks. We still also have to move all the previous news from the old version.

Feel free to subscribe to our new RSS Feed, and check back often. We will make another announcement when we are officially ready to open to the public. 

[Site] Update stars

Front page news are formatted correctly now. We are aware of a layout issue for users running Internet Explorer. It should be fixed soon.

[Site] Network Directory Online stars

The retailer directory listing is online and working. Currently formatting, and adding categories. Rating/review system has also been implemented for registered users only.

Anime Expo Live Blog stars

We would like to announce that The-O Network Online will be starting to live blog for all the fans out there unable to make it to Anime Expo 2009. We will try to blog at as many panels as we can. So stay tuned!

Morning Musume Panel Live Blog stars

Panel Format : Prearranged questions (each question is only asked to one girl)

1:54 PM - Arrived at panel. No photography or video for this panel.

1:59 PM - Morning Musume walks in to applause.

Gundam 00 Panel Live Blog stars

Speakers Present:
Seji Mizushima (Director of Gundam 00)
Yousuke Kuroda (Gundam 00 Series Composition)
Yun Kouga (Gundam 00 Character Designer)