Animating and Unlocking Gurren Lagann Panel stars

unlocking GL

Gainax unlocks Gurren Lagann at FanimeCon 2008, bringing most of the production staff. Coming right off the Meet Gainax event, we trekked a couple blocks back to the convention center for the Unlocking Gurren Lagann Panel. Because the Meet Gainax event ran a bit long, this panel was pushed back to 9:30pm, a mere extra thirty minutes.

Fanime 08 - Meet Gainax Event stars

gainax meet

It's a nice, clear sky-ed Sunday evening and I'm shuffling over to the Fairmont Hotel - a couple blocks down from the actual convention center - for the Meet Gainax event. Walking pass the valet service and into the foyer I can't help but gaze at all the swanky cars with envy in my eyes and drool welling up in my mouth. Anyway, having no idea where the event room was, I stopped over at the hotel concierge service to inquire. I left the lobby with vague directions from a receptionist with a nearly incomprehensible accent, but eventually I found what I was looking for.

FanimeCon 08 Saturday Night stars

 A few updates on how Fanime is going. The Masquerade was amazing this year, with a lot more fun skits than dull ones. Recorded every skit on film, and took pictures of every skit from the front row. Those should up ready by the end of ths week hopefully.

Incredibly I must note that the level of cosplayers have exponentially jumped this year compared to previous 5 years. Everywhere I go, I see costumes that really make my head turn with the amazing detail work involved. I've probably took around 200 photos so far and will have them up within the end of this week after resizing, white balancing, and watermarking.

Was unable to make it to the first Gainax Panel on Friday, but will be attending the Meet the Guests (Gainax) event and the "Animating and Unlocking Gurren Lagann" panel.

I was late about 15 minutes into Maika Netsu's panel, but we will be doing a one on one interview with her later today. Oddly enough, I was one of the winners for the raffle sketch session for Netsu-sensei. Will have pictures and scans up of it afterwards. 

Troy, our Chief Photographer injured himself on Friday, and ended up returning home on Saturday morning. I apologize as the Head of The-O Network Online to all the cosplayers that had scheduled a photoshoot session with us. I will still be roaming around on Sunday and Monday doing my best to fill in for him.  

Petition to Ban Erotic Games Featuring Underage Characters stars

eroge banA petition has reached the ears of the Japanese Diet for legislation that would potentially ban the bulk of Eroge (erotic games and adult anime. The petitioning party's primary focus is the depiction of underage females, prevalent in the majority of Eroge out there, apparently. A translation of the petition:

A Petition for the Enactment of Regulation on the Manufacture and Sale of Bishojo Adult Anime Magazines, and Bishojo Adult Anime Simulation Games

Our towns overflow with adult anime magazines and games which often depict elementary school girls, and the minds of the youths who are seduced by these games are unwittingly destroyed; they lose their very humanity, there are already incidents of young maidens being plucked from the streets and murdered. Since it is plain that our society has now become one where young girls are placed in great peril, the issue of free expression is a thing of the past. To curb these profit seeking companies with no conception of social morals, to restrict the creation of products which place young girls in peril, there is a pressing need for penal regulations and the accompanying laws.

We wish to see enacted laws restricting the manufacture and sale of bishojo adult anime magazines, and bishojo adult anime simulation games.

This is a hot topic of which the outcome could be quite interesting...for those of certain "tastes" (I won't argue the semantics).
Kotaku and Sankaku Complex 

Fanime 08 - Now with lotsa Gainax stars

 A slew of last minute additions have cropped up on the Panels page of the Fanime website today, and guess what? They're all Gainax related: 
Last Minute Additions

What’s a Gainax?
The origins of Gainax straight from the source.  And learn what the word “Gainax” means and comes from.

A day in a Life at Gainax
Hear directly from the president of Gainax to an animator in the trenches, what a typical day at Gainax can be like.  Plus, what’s it like in the smoke chamber?

Bandai Entertainment talks about Gurren Lagann
Bandai Entertainment will talk about the US release of Gurren Lagann with some Gainax staff participating in the panel.

Animating and Unlocking Gurren Lagann
A loose panel where some of the animators and production staff talk about the love and hardships that occurred during production of Gurren Lagann. Plus, the production staff can answer rabid fan questions regarding the Gurren universe. (May run late.) --
In addition to the newly announced panels, Fanime will also be treating us to a premiere of the official U.S. subbed Gurren Lagann episodes from Bandai Entertainment. Check the flyers included in your con bags for event times. 
Considering we've been teased about what Gainax's appearance at Fanime may bear, this is some great news. Fanime is a mere two days away, and my excitement is about to boil over.
UPDATE: A minor schedule has been posted. It appears Fanime will be devoting an entire room this year for Gainax in Ballroom B. ~Theo

Macross Frontier New Songs Leaked stars

 Those remembering Ranka singing "Watashi no Kare wa Pilot" from episode 4, well it seems a full low quality version of the song has been leaked online. "What 'bout my Star?" from episode 1 and 5 by Sheryl Nome is also out along with "Infinity" from episode 7. 

More details inside.

Cute Indiana Jones figures from Kotobukiya stars

Indy KotoI'm a moderately big Indy fan and I'm quite excited for the release of the 4th flick in the series. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is set to fill up cineplexes May 22nd and is expected to be one of this summer's biggest hits. The film is a big deal in the U.S. but, surprisingly enough, it could be just as big across the globe. Japanese figure producer Kotobukiya is just as excited, you see, and as such has immortalized Dr. Jones and company with the cutest little figures you'll ever see from the films. These little Indy trading figures stand at approximately 2" (5cm) and will see release around June for about ¥500 apiece or ¥40,000 for the whole set of 8, which includes characters ranging from all four films.

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