Ys: Books I & II Coming to North American DS in February stars

According to Kotaku and various other sources, Atlas plans to import yet another Japanese RPG to North American shores. Legacy of Ys: Books I & II for the DS will likely ship on February 10, 2009. This game will be a remake of Ys I and Ys II.

The Ys series has over ten games I the series and is over 20 years old already. The two games included in this pack originally came out in 1987 and 1988, respectively, for computers. The two games are currently available on Nintendo's Wii Virtual Console as well. Released as two seperate remakes, Books I & II will come out as a single game in February.

BOING Docomodake DS coming to USA stars

Received this a few days ago, Ignition Entertainment will be bringing over BOING Docomodake for the DS to the States.

More information as well as the full press release after the jump.

No More Heroes 2 Announced at TGS 08 (Updated) stars

Probably the most badass otaku hero to grace gaming console, Travis Touchdown, will be returning in No More Heroes Deperate Struggle. Announced earlier today at the Tokyo Game Show 2008, little else is known about the title, with no release date or console information though probably on the Wii.

Some speculate that it may be a DS spinoff due to the title "Desperate Stuggle"; however, the trailer specifically labels the game as "NMH2" for No More Heroes 2.

Update: Confirmed that this game will be for the Wii and two versions of the game will be released, one with heavy blood while the other will be censored.

Trailer included inside.

'Wario Land: Shake It' Tears Youtube Apart stars


The video above doesn't do the game justice! Click here to view the full experience!

When Nintendo isn't busy sending it's calvalcade of polite Japanese businessmen to your home, hocking Wii consoles door-to-door, the big N spends it's time making quirky  commercials and Youtube promo spots (and video games, I guess).. The best one I've come across is for a game that has been on store shelves for a little over a week and stars Mario's gruff, greedy, and gluttonous nemesis: Wario. The big treasure-hunting lummox would like you to view his crazy, off-the-wall Youtube video -- in which he demonstrates his repertoire of abilities while the world, and the actual Youtube page, shatters under his might. So if you've got a bit of time, catch it (The video is embedded above, but it begs to be seen in full, so click here to view it), and perhaps you'll find your very own treasure. Okay, that was a bold-faced lie, there is no treasure, but it's still worth a couple minutes of your time.


Tatsunoko vs Capcom Announced for the Wii! stars

Wii owners can rejoice as another fighting game is (finally) slated to hit the console.


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Blue Dragon Plus Coming to the US for DS stars

With the game releasing about 2 weeks ago in Japan, Ignition Entertainment has announced today with a press release that they will be bringing Blue Dragon Plus for the DS to the United States.


Currently slated for a late Feburary to March 2009 release in North America and Europe.


Read more for screenshots and the full press release.


Disgaea 3 Review stars

It's back to the Netherworld and class is now in session for our favorite demons. You read that right, demons...in school. Apparently even demonic ne'er-do-wells have to go to school in order to learn their evil ways. It seems that a lot of recent RPGs have taken place in academia: Persona 3 and Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis both have the protagonists battling their way through demons and monsters, all while attending classes.

Ar tonelico 2 Officially Announced for the US stars

 Received the press release yesterday, NIS America will be bringing the hit sim-RPG Artonelico 2 to the US this December for the Playstation 2.


Full press release and pictures inside.

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UPDATE 3: Please see NIS America's response and clarifications here