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Gainax @ FanimeCon 2008 Preview stars

 Hiroyuki Yamaga, Co-Founder and President of Studio Gainax has a history of attending FanimeCon every year, but this year his name is absent from the Guests of Honor list. With a little digging into the FanimeCon boards, we have discovered some interesting details. 

At last year's Gurren Lagann Panel, Yamaga-san promised to bring more guests from Gainax (see our coverage located here ). It appears he'll be keeping his word. 

Gurren Lagann Panel

The panel was lead by Hiroyuki Yamaga, Co-Founder and President of Studio Gainax. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a new series by Studio Gainax. The story is roughly about a boy named Simon who has lived underground all his life until one day, a robot piloted by a beastmen comes crashing down into his village. Having discovered the surface, Simon joins the resistance against the beastmen. At the end of the video presentation, Yamaga-san said, "If you want to see how this series continues, you can watch a fansub, I don't really care". Majority of the audience were laughing and cheering at this point. After a continued brief explanation of the series, Yamaga-san left the floor open for questions.

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