Salvador Mateos

Salvador Mateos

Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works LA Screening Impressions stars


On Sunday, I was one of the few lucky people in Los Angeles to attend the premier screening of Aniplex's Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works, which was sold out. The location was the Downtown Independent Theater, next to Little Tokyo, and doors did not open until 12:15 PM. Since I had to drive and didn't want to risk getting stuck in LA traffic I left early, but to my surprise there was a long line of fans already in line once I had arrived. At first I wasn't sure if I was at the right place, but once I got closer I heard someone playing music from the Fate/stay series and saw a Rin cosplayer. I signed in and got in line and waited for the doors to open. Once they opened, we were allowed inside the lobby, which had posters of the Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works series and people were taking pictures with them along with the cosplayers who attended the event. Aniplex gave every attendee an exclusive "Unlimited Blade Works Memorial Record" lithograph which has Saber, Shirou, Rin, Archer and Kotomine on it along with the locations of the screenings and date at the bottom to commemorate the event.

SUSHIO, Kazuki Nakashima and Yousuke Toba Press Conference Anime Expo 2014 stars


As part of Aniplex's Kill la Kill event, Studio Trigger production members SUSHIO (artist), Kazuki Nakashima (screenwriter) and Yousuke Toba (producer) came to Anime Expo 2014 to discuss the success of their recently released sure-to-be-classic hit. Find out all about the success and challenges during the developmental phase of Kill la Kill in our transcription of their press conference at AX'14.

Please note, certain questions and responses have been abbreviated or paraphrased for clarity and to avoid confusion.

Kill la Kill Concert and Impressions stars


On July 4, 2014 Anime Expo/Sony Entertainment/Aniplex hosted the Kill la Kill Event during Anime Expo 2014. The doors opened and fans began to enter at 2:00pm into Main Events Hall . Once people got seated in their rows, four cosplayers dressed up as: Mako Mankanshoku, Ira Gamagoori, Houka Inumuta and Nonon Jakuzure came on stage while staffers passed out the "FreFlow" glow stick. The cosplayers were in character and began to explain how to use the FreFlow and that it would sync to the concert. Once they walked us through the syncing process, they acted as if Inumuta had taken over the glow sticks and said to keep them on, as the concert would start shortly.

Servant x Service (DVD) Review stars

Have you ever thought what happened to your favorite anime characters after they graduated high school? Or just about what type of work they might have applied for if he or she didn't go to a university? Well if you have or just want to watch something else, then I think I might have the anime you've been seeking. So if you are used to the high school romance, this anime may not be for you as it is set a few years after that: namely, the great mysterious abyss many academic scholars have come to refer to the "real world."

Servant x Service is an anime that was adapted from a manga by Karino Takatsu, and released by Aniplex of America, which revolves around the lives of public service works in Japan. The anime begins with three new interns Lucy, Miyoshi and Hasebe. They come to Health and Welfare Division of The Mitsuba Ward to apply for work as a public servant (social worker). As you can probably tell, this anime is not like any anime you have probably seen lately. The closest comparison to this anime is the live-action comedy The Office, minus the cameras that follow the cast around, and that the cast works at a place like the DMV. Think of Pam Beesly, Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, Erin Hannon and Toby Flenderson working in a government office but with a few twists like the manager being a stuffed animal, along with other side stories and you get as close as you can to Servant x Service.

Anime Los Angeles 2014 (ALA) General Experience stars


I attended Anime Los Angeles 10 (ALA) Jan 10-12, 2014 for the first time, so I didn't know what to expect. As someone who has attended other anime and science-fiction conventions before, I was interested in seeing how ALA would be; especially since they had a chairman who came from a sci-fi background. All I can say it was a very unique experience. The convention was well organized and had the normal things maid café, artist alley, dealer's room, masquerade, etc. In addition, one interesting thing was that the game room had panchiko machines in addition to the normal consoles for gaming tournaments.

Song of Saya ~ Saya no Uta (PC) Review stars

What do you get when you mix Silent Hill, Shallow Hal, and Species with a little dab of Hannibal or the Japanese movie the Last Supper? You get something pretty close to Nitroplus' horror visual novel Song of Saya ~ Saya no Uta, written by Gen Urobochi, the author of Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero, and published by JAST USA.

Fudanjuku “OTOKO” Review stars

Fudanjuku brings us their latest album "OTOKO." This album contains twelve tracks that range from high beat to smooth songs. In most songs you will notice Fudanjuku features a deeper voice than other pop groups. I know what you are thinking, "isn't a deep voice ideal for a boy group?" Just keep reading and you will find out why I think it's unique. The group has performed anime OP and ED for such series as Yatterman, Katsunda!, and Ginga e kickoff!! The album is a well balanced CD in which they show that they can still, after two albums, keep their energy up. I highly enjoyed "Kaze Ikki" which has a high beat rave style to it. I also liked "Nora Neko Maria" because the beat made me remember Lupin the 3rd, the song and vocals were catchy, and all the members were able to shine. Another song that was enjoyable was "Love Spider" which is a more energetic ballad. Yet another favorite of mine from this album, "Tanada Mai," starts with background music that you would hear in a futuristic themed movie, then warps into a mixture of deep bass and a very catchy chorus by the members which made me feel like I was at a nightclub. Overall, the album was enjoyable with a nice mix of high energy songs with some traces of traditional sounding J-pop idol songs which we are accustomed to hearing.

Oreimo (DVD) Review stars

When I first heard of Oreimo, I thought to myself, "yet another series that I must keep from watching in front of family and friends because it's borderline super ecchi (sexually suggestive)." [Editor's note: Aniplex licensed the series as Oreimo, a shortened version of the original Japanese: Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, which translates to, My Little Sister Can't Possibly Be This Cute.] I was surprised to discover that the title was misleading, and the series has deeper themes like: acceptance, understanding, family bonds, and of course love for anime, manga, doujinshi (fan-made comics), and eroge (adult computer games).

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt - Complete Series (DVD) Review stars

We all remember the innocent and cute Powerpuff Girls and Puffy Ami Yumi. Ok, now take those two shows and add them to a blender, then add a little Invader Zim and a lot of vulgar language, a few adult toys, and a lot of panties. Just for extra measure, add a few pounds of sugar, and mix well. What do you get with this crazy mixture‌. Well, it would be the new Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, a thirteen episode plus one series made by Gainax Studios and brought to us by our friends at FUNimation.

Yamada’s First Time (Blu-ray/DVD) Review stars

When was your first time? For me it was not very long ago; actually, it was a few months ago and it was kind of confusing and there were a few people there too… What? Wait, don’t stop reading and don’t think dirty thoughts! I was talking about my first time hearing about this anime with some of my friends. I too was confused with the title -- I had a totally different idea of what Yamada’s First Time was about, to tell you the truth. Since I was assigned to review it and it came from FUNimation, I felt it safe, but boy was I wrong. I began to watch it and soon found out this is not the anime to watch with little kids around.

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