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UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN to feature Evangelion, Attack on Titan, Biohazard and Monster Hunter stars


If you're a fan of games and anime, then Universal Studios Japan has a special treat for you! Well, that is assuming you're planning on booking a trip to Japan sometime within the beginning of 2015. From January 23 to May 10, UNIVERSAL COOL JAPAN will be taking over the amusement park for a total of 108 days. In addition to the previously announced Biohazard (Resident Evil) and Monster Hunter, the main attraction for Universal Cool Japan will also include a special 4D Evangelion attraction along with a full reproduction of a life-sized Titan from Attack on Titan to showcase these special entertainment brands in an immersive environment. More details on the attractions themselves after the jump.

New ClariS Member Karen Revealed in Lis Ani! Magazine stars


Earlier this week, the official Japanese website for the pop duo ClariS was updated with a character visual for the newest member Karen, illustrated by Otohiko Takano. As the replacement for Alice, who left the duo to focus on her studies, Karen made her debut with the song "Clear Sky," which was included as a bonus CD with M-ON! Entertainment's Lis Ani! Magazine.

The magazine also revealed that the duo will be singing the ED for the upcoming Tsukimonogatari anime, Border and that they will be doing their very first live show during Lis Ani! Live 5 on January 25, 2015.

Sekai Project Reaches Goal for CLANNAD Kickstarter stars


Fueled by the passion of Key fans worldwide, English localization group, Sekai Project's recently released Kickstarter campaign for the translation of CLANNAD managed to reach its target stretch goal of over $140,000.00 within twenty-four hours of its launch. Currently, both the $1,000.00 and $7,000.00 pledge tiers are all sold out, with Sekai Project hinting that they are currently looking to adding a few more spots to the $1,000.00 tier which includes an exclusive B2 tapestry and autographed copy of the game by Key artist Itaru Hinoue. The company has also announced that they are currently exploring bringing over the HD assets from the PlayStation 3 release of CLANNAD.

Daigo Ikeno Interview @ Japan Expo USA 2014 stars

During Japan Expo 2014, we had a chance to interview incumbent Street Fighter character designer, illustrator and art director Daigo Ikeno who has been working for the video game company Capcom since 1993. Known for his unique take on Ryu, Ken and the rest of the Street Fighter family, find out what he had to say about his design process and his thoughts on his appearance at Japan Expo 2014 in San Mateo, California.

Key/Sekai Project Interview @ Japan Expo USA 2014 stars

For fans of Japanese visual novel-style games, the name Key evokes a lot of fond memories, magical storylines and endearing characters that often culminate into an cathartic bliss that I personally like to describe as "tear nirvana." Known as the company behind the scripts for tearjerker anime such as Kanon, Air and most recently Little Busters!, VisualArt's, Key's parent company, has finally begun to localize these timeless visual novels into English as part of a collaboration with the localization company Sekai Project.

With the recent release of the kinetic novel Planetarian already under their belt, the next big project for the two companies will be the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Clannad; the title that is often arguably seen as the company's magnum opus. Take a trip with us as we interview Genki Tenkumo, one of the scenario writers for Clannad, and Yoshikuni Toyoizumi, one of VisualArt's PR representatives, at Japan Expo USA 2014 to discuss the company's plans and their hopes for the English market.

Gen Urobuchi Interview @ Japan Expo USA 2014 stars

Also known as "Urobutcher," Gen Urobuchi has penned some of the most notorious anime scripts for series such as Fate/Zero and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Famous for taking his audience on a journey full of unexpected twists and turns, Gen has worked on stories across multiple mediums including the live-action Kamen Rider Gamen along with some of Nitroplus' quintessential visual novels Saya no Uta and Phantom of Inferno. His upcoming anime film Expelled from Paradise is slated to open in Japan later this year on November 15. Together with Nihongogo, join us as we learn about the man behind some of the anime world's most nefarious villains, [contract anyone?], as he shares his thoughts on his craft and how he goes from pen to script.

ANISONG World Tour to Feature a Las Vegas Pit Stop in 2015 stars


As part of the Lantis Festival 2014 Tokyo Live, it was announced by Jam project member, Kageyama Hironobu that there will be an Overseas tour tour starting in Las Vegas from January 16-17th, followed by a stop in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Taipei and one additional city.

“Persona Concert” to be Held at Taiyou Con Next January stars


For fans of video game JRPG series Persona, Shoji Meguro's evocative compositions have always played a key role in accentuating the immersive environments found in the Shin Megami Tensei, Catherine and Trauama Center video game series. Most recently, his popularity has skyrocketed thanks to in part to his Persona 3 and Persona 4 soundtracks featuring the vocals of Shihoko Hirata, Lotus Juice and Yumi Kawamura.

LiSA releases her 6th single, “BRiGHT FLiGHT / L. Miranic” stars

LiSA bright flight l miranic itunes release

Earlier this year, J-pop starlet LiSA released her 5th single, "Rising Hope" which became the opening theme song to the hit anime series The Irregular at Magic High School and climbed all the way to number four spot on the Oricon Music Charts in Japan. Today, her 6th single "BRiGHT FLiGHT/ L. Miranic" was officially released on the North American iTunes store- a near month before its scheduled release in Japan!

YANAKIKU Interview @ J-POP Summit 2014 stars

Upcoming J-POP duo YANAKIKU recently had a chance to come to San Francisco during the J-POP Summit Festival 2014 as a musical Guest of Honor. Known for their hits, "Pakupaku Kingyo" and "FUJIYAMA△DISCO," the high-energy duet has won the hearts of their fans worldwide through their amazing performance and extravagant kimono cosplay attire. Find out what the pair had to say as we sit down with them for a sit down interview and learn about their unique blend of cosplay fashion and music. 

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