Eddie Lai

Eddie Lai

See you at Anime Boston 2016 stars

With just a few days until Anime Boston starting, who are you most excited to see this year? If you loved some of the recent favorites and older favorites in Anime like Love Live, Your Lie In April, Kill la Kill, Code Geass, or Idolm@ster Million Live, then there’s probably a guest that will be appearing at Anime Boston you wouldn’t want to miss. Stay tuned with The-O Network as we provide on site coverage of the guests and concerts that will be happening this weekend.
For more information check out Anime Boston’s home page.

SCANDAL YELLOW Album Review stars

SCANDAL is one of Japan’s and internationally recognized J-Rock band and has been getting more and more international recognition in the past few years with their world tours. Having recently completed their Japan tour, they made quick haste in announcing and releasing their seventh album, YELLOW, which has a lot to follow up on with their successful previous album, Hello World.

SCANDAL USA 2015 Tour Impressions stars

Having just concluded their 2015 Hello World Tour in Hong Kong, Scandal had made three stops in the USA to give their international fans a glimpse into their powerful concerts with two live house shows in Los Angeles and one convention show in Chicago. The-O Network was privileged enough to attend and provide photo and concert coverage of the events.

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