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Sunday Top 8

Sunday: Top 8


All the tournaments came to their conclusion on Sunday, when the top 8 players from all games played it out. EVO organizers shot interviews with each of the competitors who made top 8, all of which were shown before the players' matches on Sunday. The interviews' tones ranged from friendly - with Mike Watson telling Joey Cueller "Fuck you" - to prideful - with Justin Wong saying that two words defined his skill in MvC2: “Justin Wong.”

Joey Cueller Interview

Interviewer: Chung Kwan "Davis" Fan

Interviewee: Joey Cueller (Senior EVO Director)

Seth Killian Interview (Capcom)



T-ono: Hello. Can you give a brief intro of yourself and what you do with Capcom Unity?

Seth Killian: Well, my name is Seth Killian and I've been organizing the EVO tournaments for a long time. Formerly a top ten, but not so much anymore - haven't had time to play or practice. I'm also the senior manager for community at Capcom, where I run the Capcom Unity website.

EVO 2008 Report


Evolution (EVO) is, without a doubt, the premiere fighting game event in America. Once a year in early August, some of the best fighting game players gather in Las Vegas to play against each other in a tournament to prove who's the best. Evolution has a long history of bringing together players all the way from both coasts of America, as well as bringing international players from Japan, the United Kingdom, and several other countries. For the last three years, EVO has used several different hotels in Vegas as latter-day arenas, such as the Red Rock or Green Valley Ranch hotel, but this year it finally moves onto the strip by taking place in the Tropicana.

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